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Lil Wayne Sum 2 Prove No Ceilings 3 Lyrics
Artist: Lil Wayne
Mixtape: No Ceilings 3 (Side B)
Year: 2020

[Intro – DJ Khaled]
No Ceilings 3, Lil Wayne

[Verse – Lil Wayne]
She give me head and I her pick her up, put her legs in the air, fuck her but don’t kiss
She ain’t tryna have babies right now, so she open her mouth, and she perform abortion
I got Euros and Pesos and Franks, but if she ask for money, that bitch speaking foreign
Overseas acting like it’s New Orleans, I be geeking like Swizzy in Harvard
Businessman, I just walked in a conference, busy man, someone warm me a coffee
Trigger man, I just marked me a target, out the mud, finna walk on your carpet
Label played me and made me a monster, Weezy Baby, no Baby, no sponsor
I’mma stand on the scale with a chopper, what that mean? Bitch, I’m weighing my options
She want Lil Dwayne, I fuck her till she came, she cum first, she cum second, and bae, I’m gon’ always cum last
I’mma cum all on your ass, got that shit looking like art on your ass
I give her an inch, she gon’ take the whole nine, her pussy lips grin, I’mma make them hoes smile
Bust on her titties, her face, and her eyes, I bust a nut to the back of her throat, and it come out her nose like snot
She say: “do I look crazy?”, I say: “you look exotic”
You finna fuck me all day off the molly, I’m finna fuck you all night off the drink
I was all in that pussy, so you know what happened, you catch an orgasm like I catch a case
Eating that pussy, she squeezing her thighs, I say: “I need some breathing room, can’t feel my face”
Peep all the moves I be making when I’m in that pussy, she gotta love when I vibrate
Watching my rubber, I know if it slip off inside of that pussy she gon’ try to save it
All these red flags, now that hoe got rosacea, she on that black bottle Bumbu, no chaser
I’m tryna get outta here and go taste it, and give that bitch right back to you outta flavor, No Ceilings
Diamonds on deep freeze, ice cubes like Dr. Dre, Eazy
N.W.A, that New Watch Attitude, got bitches, they ain’t got attitudes
I’m missing a whole lot of my screws, but she just want my screwdriver, that’s bool with me
Told her don’t screw it up if you screw with me, cause bitch I buss a nut, take my tools then leave, where is my hard head?
Lasagna, linguini, fettuccini, pastrami, panini
I order a hit like I’m ordering food, and I feel like a fork and a spoon
Elephant, I just walked in the room, can’t forget how to make ’em remember me
Came in your bitch, told her that’s a gift from me, since she all under me like a Christmas tree
Slippery like designers in Fiji, it’s so wet up inside her bikini, it’s a water balloon
I’mma bust the balloon, look like I made her cum a monsoon
If it ain’t, I just jumped in the pool, she say: “put on your life vest and swim in me”
I said: “I’m ’bout to cum”, she said: “gimme me all of this sperm, you bring out the kid in me,” gotta be kidding me
Diamonds on bling-bling, ooh, my wrist and my collar, my teeth bling, ooh
My ring finger shining like E.T., ooh, she sinking behind and beneath me
Oh, I started from the bottom like seaweed, oh, mentally, physically, literally
It’s a conspiracy, really, cause lyrically, y’all can’t be serious, seriously
No Ceilings 3, Mula

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