Skit Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne (Feat Gudda Gudda)
Mixtape: No Ceilings
Year: 2009

[Lil Wayne]
What up doe?
Yeah, this is No Ceilings man, welcome
I appreciate you for having this, if you got this, if you listening to this, thank you
First off, this if for you
You, you, you, as always
It’s a big thank you for coming out to all the nights and days on tour, tour’s actually
For coming supporting me every single night
Even if you didn’t come to the tours, this is just a thank you
And umm, that’s that Guddaville playing in the background, my nigga Gudda mixtape go get that shit
And uh, I ain’t gonna talk too much so I’mma get back to this blunt, and you get back to this mixtape
No Ceilings!

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