Raw Lyrics

Artist: Rapsody (Feat Lil Wayne)
Album: Please Don’t Cry
Year: 2024

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
Uh, yes, Tunechi, raw like some fresh sushi
Smokin’ on some exclusi like the sex juicy
More booty, less moody, never stress to me
I’m fly as f*ck, she say: “jet fuel me”
Ooh, baby, you like it raw? Me too, baby
But no new babies, that’s word to the Wu, baby
Me and you raw like some steak, boo
I ate you then tell you how I hate to regurgitate you
They don’t make ’em like they make you, no makеup
Can hit it face down without f*ckin’ the pillowcase up
Raw and uncut, pay my attention, no pay cuts
Might hit it raw with no Plan B, cause you A+
You a queen to me like Bohemian Rhapsody
It’s Weezy and Rapsody, we runnin’ this shit, baby
These n*ggas flat-footed, these n*ggas ants to me
It’s too raw, they can’t cook it, I’m eatin’ this track p*ssy

[Interlude – Rapsody]
Yo, uh

[Verse 2 – Rapsody]
R is for Rapsody and R is for raw
Sometimes, the panties don’t match the bra
Broke phone like Lamar, ooh, baby, I like it raw
Had me eight weeks a baby, mornin’ sick and all, too raw
No makeup, Hermès luxury scarf adorn my head
Shoppin’ like thorns without the cross
Kyrie with the cross, too raw in my thoughts
They’d nail me to the cross for bein’ too black and raw
That’s that bushy p*ssy rap they call me pick-me fo’
Got a mouth full of gold, Beyoncé Carter-Knowles
They can’t broke my soul, a million, I haven’t sold
The truth won’t be sold, I still be like: “so?”
I rap in strike-through, I still laugh in bold
I say what they scared to say, the rawest rappin’ you know
My t*tties hang like Ross, just like the Queen of Soul
Natural woman hummin’, ooh, baby, I like it raw
Pull up to the function without no makeup
Foreign whips I’m in, gas lights, they flicker on
No more doin’ it raw, he puttin’ the condom on
This feel like a Compton song, this feel like Weezy, Solange
They mad, I’m mad, the streets, they been doin’ us wrong
Too raw, anemic, that’s why they keep the iron on
How we gon’ take off with Takeoff and others gone?
That’s raw emotion that I display in a song
Y’all takin’ life and judgin’ Nick Cannon, that feel wrong
But maybe that’s too raw, f*ck it, I’ll carry on and mind the business
Uh, the one that I belong
The rocks and all the stones they throw, I built a home
Sat in it and wrote a poem about b*tches, h*es, and chromes
Like, there’s gotta be more for us, Morpheus on the phone
He told me to keep it raw, bullets inside my palm
I’m holdin’ them knowin’ that I’m the light just like Islam
A star

Ayy, motherf*cker, I’m raw

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