Safe Mode (Freestyle) Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
Year: 2020

[Intro – Lil Wayne]
No Ceilings
Scoob in the building

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
Safe mode
Safe mode
I got these pussy niggas on safe mode
They only come outside when my cage closed
Said they only come outside when my cage closed
Cause I’m in ape mode, ape mode
And you only come outside when I say so
Boy you only come outside when my cage closed
Boy you phony you can’t vibe, what’s that safe code?
My nigga
Safe mode
Got these pussy niggas in shake mode
Why these pussy niggas so fake though?
Kill a pussy nigga then lay low
We don’t come outside till the case closed
My bitch be snorting lines till her face froze
It’s snowing all year around, I’m talking yayo
I’m sitting on this bread like some mayo
Like some butter on a motherfucking bagel
Like tomatoes, a egg yolk
I walk it like I talk it with a sore throat and my legs broke
I go hard like I’m dead broke
I’m fed up and my head hurt
This choppa in my pants leg got me limping harder than Fred Durst
You ain’t doing shit, I’ve said worse
Dirty south, that red dirt
I ain’t doing shit without getting paid first
And you ain’t leaving until I wear it first
I put the choppa in your mouth watch your head burst
Ooh lil’ mama with the hand work
And she suck a nigga dick until my leg jerk
Then she swallow all of that shit, then burp
Then she swallow all of that shit, then burp
She ask me to fuck her friend first
I said: “why not?”, I said: “yeah sure”
Because her boyfriend be getting on her last nerve
Pussy-ass nigga need a pap smear
Squad got more swag than a black shirt
Cook it up, chop it up, racks served
Cook it up, chop it up, racks served
Cake mode
Cake mode
Only come outside just to make more
Same clothes, anything goes
When I’m in cake mode
Take more
Lord I’m in chase mode
Same clothes
Watching for them police in them plain clothes
We don’t break code, we break your face and Os
We got that base, that blow
You fuck with basic hoes
Oh say it ain’t so
Oh say it ain’t so
My niggas killing that white girl, O.J. and Nicole
Rosé on the go
Let Jose cut you up
Put your body parts in the freezer we got supper for months
Stay froze
Stay froze

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