Tevin Lyrics

Artist: Lil Wayne
Mixtape: Velvet Sessions
Year: 2018

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
Uh, now a Queen, once a Princess
Let’s make a Princess
And you know time is money, time to invest
Talkin’ shit to her, without bad breath
Told her: “I could take it there without MapQuest”
Thinking: “Should I fall back, or forward progress?”
You know love is hard to swallow, and digest
She gon’ have to take my love from me
But if I fall for her, you could call me clumsy
If I hit it and crash, I’m a crash dummy
I might just eat her up, I got an empty stomach
And you know drinking is bad, on an empty stomach
So we both get drunk, and just eat each other
We in the bedroom, I guess it’s one of those
I think you overdressed, in your underclothes
I confess to you, give my best to you
I told my last name, I’m tryna give an S to you
I think you a beast, without a leash
You could ride me baby, like I’m the streets
I got a black eye, from your heartbeat
Make me change my lifestyle, call Robin Leach
I’m ready

[Chorus – Tevin Campell (Sample)]
I’m ready, yeahhh
To love you
Hey love now
Come and love me forever more

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
Yeah, we just thuggin’, illin’
Puffin’, chillin’ on some shit that make us touch the ceilin’
If it’s just a feelin’, what a feelin’
We invest in power, we progress like flowers
We’re in love now, we need something else to conquer
We go Casablanca, I’m your vagina monster
You know I get in that pussy and go Waka Flocka
Sexual healing, you know I’m ya doctor
I’mma kill it and I hit you with that Johnny Cochran
I’m the hottest topic, when you and your girlfriend talkin’
Tell her how I knock it, until we exhausted
You give me sloppy toppy, I eat it till I’m nauseous
I beat it like percussion, the neighbors think we arguing
Cupid hit the target, we use the whole apartment
They knockin’ at the door and she answer that bitch naked
She make me get an erection in a split second
She do tricks with her tongue, they so impressive
Am I trickin’ too? Erm, that’s a trick question
She asked me am I finna cum? That’s a dick question
And she ain’t fuckin’ with you bums, give her indigestion
Can’t you tell I’ve been ready?
Holla at her Tevin

[Chorus – Tevin Campell (Sample)]
I’m ready (yeah, I’m ready)
Yeahhh (I think I’m ready baby)
To love you (to love you baby)
Hey love now (hey love)
Come and love me forever more (all I need is your love, all I need is some love)

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