Life Of Mr. Carter Lyrics

Lil Wayne Life Of Mr Carter Tha Carter V Lyrics
Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: Tha Carter V [Deluxe]
Year: 2020

[Lil Wayne]
What’s harder? Life or Mr. Carter?
Balling till my hair is as white as Johnny Carson
You don’t have to beg because I’m fresh out of pardons
Little voices in my head said: “don’t mind the little voices,” woah

What’s harder? Love or Mr. Carter?
Especially when these hoes ain’t right, these hoes ain’t loyal
Shit, who’s wrong? Who’s right? Just ask my lawyer
Right or wrong, I’m still gon’ take his advice, he take my orders
I’ll be a-okay instead of alright, or kinda-sorta
And before I ever take that for granted, I take the charges
See, you can’t believe in all of the hype you hear at the barber
If the odds are stacked against us, they’re likely to stack ’em on us
Lil Tune, Jurassic in the room, Tyrannosaurus
I ain’t steal it, I took it, I ain’t crooked, I’m cater-cornered
And if my fruits of labor were ripe, I would have an orchard
But I’m nauseous from my ups-and-downs, and back-and-forwards
Shit, Mr. Carter, eyes are always on you
So I smile for the cameras and hide from the reporters
Roll a blunt up in this bitch, when it burn, it start my motor
Shoulder shruggin’ in this bitch cause the world is on my shoulders, shit
What’s harder? Life or Mr. Carter?
Tune in this bitch, let’s spike the Holy Water
Tryna stay grounded, my flights said no departures
Shit, what’s harder? Murder or abortion? Woah
What’s harder? Death or Mr. Carter?
Is it easier to play deaf or to listen harder?
I’m like: “girl, what’s harder than life for Mr. Carter”
Knock on wood, but with the wood comes termites and turmoil
What’s easier? To change diapers or back to normal?
Times are changing like Father Time just lost his father
What’s harder? To ask for sorrow or to borrow?
Or to break hearts or get your heart broke? I don’t know

I ask: “what’s harder? Jail or Mr. Carter?
School or Mr. Carter? The news or Mr. Carter?
Man, what’s harder? Drugs or Mr. Carter?
Judge or Mr. Carter? Court and order, yeah”

What’s harder? Life or Mr. Carter?
I ride for this shit like a knight in shining armor
I pile up the dope and roll it tight like UnderArmour
Coming from this neighborhood, it’s just like coming from comas
I got homies from the old school, and we been lost our diplomas
Got some hoes from California, think they shit smell like begonias
Got a bone to pick? I pick it till you’re boneless
Like I come from San Antonio, pop up at the spur of the moment, how you want it?
When in Hell, I’m a Roman, head on fire, I’m a comet
Heat up out my abdomen, and you know me
Man, I’m all about my business, business handle business for me
I know you know life’s a bitch, turned her to a business woman, mind your business
I’m sayin’: “what’s harder? Life or Mr. Carter?
What’s higher? The price or Mr. Carter?
Should I call you Mystery? Because I’m right here to solve you
And if you start to smell fear or fright, I sprayed it on you”
I made it, and when I made it, you hate it, I made it on you
You know the streets talk my nigga, don’t make ’em argue
Niggas faded away, I light one and get faded for you
I’m reclinin’, Weezy Baby, La-Z-Boy you, they enjoy you
I’m like: “what’s harder? Life or Mr. Carter?”

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