Thought I Was Gonna Stop Lyrics

Artist: Papoose (Feat Lil Wayne)
Album: September
Year: 2021

[Verse 1 – Papoose]
While y’all was on Clubhouse, I was in the dugout
Waiting to get up to bat and knock a home run out
Noreaga thugged out, walking with my snub out
No serial numbers on the side, they was rubbed out
I give you a blood bath, then I let the blood out
Pull the stopper out of the bottom and drain the tub out
Know my way through any hood, nigga what you talkin’ ’bout?
You follow the GPS, I just take the thug route
Eighteen years, can’t wait till they let my cuz out
Couldn’t believe it when the worst came out the judge mouth
Had to use candles, cause we blew the lightbulbs out
Sleeping on a bum couch, I live in a drug housе
He said I ain’t like that, man that nigga bugged out
Likе what? Nigga I’ll shoot your fuckin’ mug out
Momma said: “pull your pants up”, I got cussed out
Used to wear my sneakers like Jordan with the tongue out

[Chorus – Papoose]
Thought I was gon’ stop? I’m offin’ them off top
I’m the talk of New York, I walk with the hawk and the .4 cocked
Make all of ’em call cops, they frozen, they broads stop
This shit doggin’, make sure when I let it off, it’s a sure shot
Heard his crib is like Fort Knox, who said I was gon’ knock?
Using force on the door, so I’m gon’ give him a bald spot
I’m slaughtering all opps, I’m ordering more blocks
Like Optimus in his prime, I’m strong as an Autobot, ha

[Verse 2 – Lil Wayne]
While y’all been on TikTok, I been on B.I.G., Pac
Big Glock, it’s Alfred Hitchcock, get your kid rocked
Silk shock a nigga like P brother, tree lover
Fell in love with a bitch, my bitch just told me she love her
We run it, been running this shit, I can’t feel my legs
Your brother got them birds, have my niggas come and steal his eggs
I be on a million meds, I can put your doctor on
Dana White diamonds on, stones look like a octagon
Can’t stop, fuck you if you think not
The gun pop, the gun ring, you suck it like a ring pop
Had to do my thing Pap, had to let the snub blap
Riding till the wheels fall off, no hub cap
All this mud in my cup and I don’t need no mud flaps
I don’t need no hug, dap, I don’t need no rug rats
So she gon’ have to chug that
I’m like Tom Brady, still ballin’ where the Bucks at
Young Money, young man, YM

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