Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash

Lil Wayne Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash Style

On June 20th, 2009, Lil Wayne performed live at Hot 107.9’s 14th Annual Birthday Bash in Atlanta, Georgia at the Philips Arena. You can view more information about the clothes and accessories Weezy was wearing below:

Lil Wayne Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash Clothes List

Where to find the items:

1. Purple Boston Red Sox MLB Fitted Hat
Brand: 59fifty
Price: $34.99
Purchase: Extoboo

2. White Polo Boxer Shorts x3
Brand: Ralph Lauren
Price: $38.00
Purchase: Ralph Lauren

3. Camouflage Cargo Shorts
Brand: Marc Jacobs
Price: $69.99
Purchase: Trendigirl Boutique

4. Beige GG Belt
Brand: Gucci
Price: $236.00
Purchase: Bluefly

5. Fleur De Lis Rocker Roller Sterling Silver Pocket Chain
Brand: Gothic Cross Jewelry
Price: $457.00
Purchase: Gothic Cross Jewelry

6. Air Flight Lite “White Men Can’t Jump” Sneakers
Brand: Nike
Price: $300.00
Purchase: Osneaker

Lil Wayne Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash Style

Photo credit: Exclusive Access / Ozone Mag

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