Thug Cry Video

Lil Wayne Thug Cry Video Style

On May 5th, 2014, Rick Ross released his “Thug Cry” music video featuring Lil Wayne. You can view more information about the clothes and accessories Weezy was wearing in the visual below:

Lil Wayne Thug Cry Video Clothes List

Where to find the items:

1. Black Skate And Destroy Sunglasses
Brand: Thrasher
Price: $6.66
Purchase: Thrasher

2. Red Classic Bandana
Brand: Urban Outfitters
Price: $6.00
Purchase: Urban Outfitters

3. Yellow “City Animal” Zebra-Print Half Sleeve Hoodie
Brand: Joyrich
Price: $114.00
Purchase: Joyrich Store

4. Red Card Welt Pocket Shorts
Brand: Peter Jensen
Price: $186.00
Purchase: Opening Ceremony

5. XI Low “Green Snake” Sneakers
Brand: Air Jordan
Price: $349.99
Purchase: eBay

Lil Wayne Thug Cry Video Style

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