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Young Thug Still Plans To Carry On “Tha Carter” Album Series After Lil Wayne

Young Thug Still Plans To Carry On Tha Carter Album Series After Lil Wayne

If you remember back in March and May, Young Thug mentioned that he will be calling his debut studio album Tha Carter VI after Lil Wayne had previously said he would be stopping his Tha Carter album series after the fifth installment.

In a recent interview with MTV on set of a new Rich Gang video shoot in Atlanta, Thugger gets asked if he still plans on naming his album Tha Carter VI and he says that he is not sure now because Weezy may be dropping more albums. However if Tune does stop at C5, then Thug will drop C6 all the way up to a C10 project.

You can watch MTV interview Young Thug with Birdman sitting next to him in the clip below. I really want to know what Wayne thinks of this haha!

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Lil Wayne Talks Raising His Young Money Artists, “Tha Carter V” & His Defining Moment

Lil Wayne Talks Raising His Young Money Artists, Tha Carter 5 & His Defining Moment

Check out this interview Lil Wayne and his Young Money artists did with Chris Spencer backstage at the 2014 BET Awards in Los Angeles, California on June 29th, which I missed at the time, so my bad about that.

Young Mula‘s princess Shanell explains how YM are still a family after all of these years and Gudda Gudda confirms that we are currently in “Carter V Season” with Tha Carter V album being the next project the label will drop.

Weezy says that he doesn’t just handpick the artists to sign to his record label, he actually raises them. He also mentions that he has been doing music since his mom gave him a name and that his defining moment is waking up in a hospital bed after he shot himself when he was 12-years-old and the doctor telling him that he made it!

You can watch the interview in the video after the jump below!

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Pusha T Discusses Lil Wayne & Drake’s “Grindin” Single

Pusha T Discusses Lil Wayne & Drake Grindin Single

In an interview with BET on August 17th in Miami, Pusha T shared his thoughts on Lil Wayne‘s Grindin” single featuring Drake, as well as if he thinks it can be compared to him and his brothers’ “Grindin’” single that was released back in 2002.

Hit the jump to watch the conversation and be sure to go straight to the 4:30 mark of the video to skip straight to the “Grindin’” question!

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Producers Mannie Fresh & Key Wane Discuss Their Involvement With Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V”

Producers Mannie Fresh & Key Wane Discuss Their Involvement With Lil Wayne Tha Carter 5 Album

On the black carpet at the 2014 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards in Los Angeles on August 22nd, Hip-Hop Wired caught up with producers Mannie Fresh and Key Wane to ask them about their involvement in Lil Wayne‘s forthcoming album, Tha Carter V, due to drop on October 28th.

Mannie mentioned that him and Weezy are trying to recapture Tha Carter I sound on the fifth installment of his Tha Carter album series: “If you know Tha Carter I, then you know Mannie Fresh and we’re just trying to recapture that sound.”

Wane explained that he has heard some stuff from C5 and even though he does not know if his beats will make the final cut of the album, he will still listen to it as he is a big fan of Tune: “Regardless, Carter V, Carter VI, Carter VII – I’m going to listen to them whether I’m on it or not.”

You can check out the interview below!

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DJ Mustard Confirms He Has Production On Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” Album

DJ Mustard Confirms He Has Production On Lil Wayne Tha Carter 5 Album

While on the red carpet of the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in California on August 24th, DJ Mustard confirmed to MTV that Lil Wayne will be rapping over one of his beats on the upcoming Tha Carter V album, due to be released on October 28th.

Weezy F Baby has previously rapped over Mustard production on “Face Down” and the “My Nigga” remix, which are both bangers, so I’m sure this means we will be hearing at least one banger on C5!

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