Sqvad Up Mobile Game

Lil Wayne Sqvad Up Mobile Game

Sqvad Up is the name of a free mobile video game released by Lil Wayne in 2016 that was developed by mobile/technology company UTILITY. The aim of the game is to skate around and fly on drones collecting any money you see while avoiding birds and other hazards/obstacles.

The app includes music from New Orleans artist Nesby Phips and you can unlock professional skateboarders Tyreek Morrison, Evan Hernandez, Yosef “YoYo” Ratleff, Andre Colbert, Jereme Knibbs, and Edgar Benitez.

Weezy presented the mobile game, which is set in his hometown Hollygrove, and promoted it a lot during the 2016 E3 video game conference in Los Angeles on June 15th. There are plans for new updates of the app that will include prostitutes and other cities you can play in, such as Miami and Los Angeles.

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