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Video: Lil Wayne Breaks Down Sports References On Sorry 4 The Wait Mixtape x More

In the video above, Lil Wayne breaks down the sports references he used on his Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape backstage at ESPN’s 1st And 10. After the jump, you can check out some more backstage footage of Wayne and Skip Bayless at ESPN discussing about Weezy winning a Skippy award!

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Videos: Lil Wayne Appears On ESPN’s “1st And 10”

Lil Wayne returned back to ESPN this morning by appearing on “1st And 10” with Skip Bayless. Before talking about sports, he spoke about his upcoming Tha Carter IV album and his latest mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait. After the jump, Weezy discusses Rory McIlroy, Roethlisberger vs. Harrison, and plenty more!

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