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Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” Album May Be Seized From Martin Shkreli

Lil Wayne Tha Carter V Album May Be Seized From Martin Shkreli

It looks like Lil Wayne‘s unreleased Tha Carter V album may soon be seized by the government.

Prosecutors have asked the court in Martin Shkreli‘s ongoing legal case to retain the album from Shkreli, as well as Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin project and a Pablo Picasso painting.

If you missed the news earlier this year, Weezy has already had his lawyers make sure Martin doesn’t play any music off C5. Click here to find out how Shkreli got his hands on a copy of Tune‘s album!

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Find Out Why Lil Wayne Wasn’t Featured On Nicki Minaj’s Debut Album “Pink Friday”

Find Out Why Lil Wayne Wasnt Featured On Nicki Minaj Debut Album Pink Friday

Have you ever wondered why Lil Wayne was never featured on his Young Money artist Nicki Minaj‘s debut album, Pink Friday, back in 2010?

As it was the seventh anniversary of the project yesterday, the Barbie revealed the exact reason as to why her boss and mentor wasn’t on Pink Friday via social media:

“After all his love & support, my mentor Lil Wayne couldn’t be on my debut album due to a gun charge in NY. That had me fucked up @ the time.”

If you recall, Weezy was locked up behind bars at Rikers Island for gun possession during the time Nicki was recording her album. This is why when he was released from jail, Minaj put Tunechi straight onto her “Roman’s Revenge” remix!

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Find Out How & Why Lil Wayne Decided To Name His Album Series “Tha Carter”

Find Out How & Why Lil Wayne Decided To Name His Album Series Tha Carter

Have you ever wondered how Lil Wayne came up with the album series title “Tha Carter“? If so, it has now been revealed that it was Hakim Green from New Jersey duo Channel Live who told Wayne to use the name for his 2004 album.

Hakim took to his Instagram page to make this statement and also let everyone know the story of how this all came about in the comments section:

“I was his weed guy #madizm.. I had the idea for #JAYZ but because Wayne was on #CashMoneyRecords and in the movie #NewJackCity they sold their work out of #TheCarter it just made since to share it with him. Especially after @LilTunechi made it clear he was the creative behind much of the group material. He was adamant that he wanted to be taken seriously as a #lyricist by #NewYorkCity.. he made me a believer..”

So there you have it! I wonder if we are any closer to hearing the fifth installment of Weezy‘s Tha Carter album series?

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Lil Wayne Will Be Featured On Travis Barker’s New Solo Album

Lil Wayne Will Be Featured On Travis Barker New Solo Album

Travis Barker recently chopped it up with MusicRadar to speak on his upcoming solo studio album, which you can read below.

During their interview, Barker mentioned that he is 70 percent done with his new project and it will feature Lil Wayne on it, as well as plenty of other rappers.

The Blink-182 drummer also talked about learning from his studio sessions with rappers such as Wayne. These two last worked together on “Can A Drummer Get Some” in 2011!

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Lil Wayne Will Be Featured 2 Times On Trippie Redd’s New Album

Lil Wayne Will Be Featured 2 Times On Trippie Redd New Album

Earlier this month, we saw a couple of photos of Lil Wayne and Trippie Redd working together in the studio.

It has now been revealed by Billionaire Record$ that they recorded two new collaborations, which will appear on Redd‘s upcoming album:

“Trippie Redd will have two songs on the upcoming album with @LilTunechi be ready”

Who is looking forward to hearing these two Trippie and Weezy songs?

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