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Lil Wayne Addresses Stepping On The Flag Of The United States Of America

Lil Wayne Addresses Stepping On The Flag Of The United States Of America

A few days ago, a clip of Lil Wayne shooting his parts for his “God Bless Amerika” music video surfaced online. This clip caused a lot of controversy, because if you have no idea what Weezy was doing in the clip, then you might think he was walking on the flag of the United States of America, which is of course against the law under the United States Flag Code.

After this clip was posted online, I have never seen and been sent so many messages and death threats about Tune since I started LilWayneHQ up 5 years ago. It was so clear to me that Wayne was shooting a scene for his “God Bless Amerika” video and when the beat dropped, the flag also drops to the ground and his hood is all standing behind him. It was not like he was walking on the flag for the music video and I am sure the camera angle will not be including below the bottom legs in the music video.

However, the main issue in my opinion is those gossip websites that just post headlines about Tunechi dancing on the United States of America flag to bring hits and traffic to their site. Then you get the dumb idiots who just read the title of the article and then they go act tough behind a computer without even watching the video first!


Lil Wayne Performs In Woodlands On His “I Am Still Music” Tour [Video x Pics]

On September 11th, Lil Wayne performed live in Woodlands, Texas at the Woodlands Pavilion for the final stop on his “I Am Still Music” tour. In the video above, Tunechi pays tribute to the victims of 9/11: “As a black man, it’s kinda tough to root for the home team given what we went through for this motherfucking home team, but I still can proudly say I am a motherfucking American”, as well as bringing out his blood brother Game to sing the “My Life” chorus. Weezy also told the crowd at this show that he doesn’t mind if you download Tha Carter IV: “Since I sold over a million copies, I don’t even care if you bootleg the motherfucker!” You can view some photos of Wayne performing in Woodlands after the jump below:

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