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Throwback Thursday: On Set Of Lil Wayne’s “Da Da Da” Video Shoot In 2010

On Set Of Lil Wayne Da Da Da Video Shoot In 2010

For #ThrowbackThursday today, here is some behind the scenes footage from Lil Wayne‘s “Da Da Da” video shoot back on February 5th, 2010.

The music video, which you can watch here, was filmed on top of a South Beach Hotel rooftop in Florida and it included cameos from ¬°Mayday!.

You can check out the #TBT clip below, courtesy of Derick G! Do you still listen to Wayne‘s “Da Da Da” song from his Rebirth album and did you ever own a “Listen To Lil Wayne” tee?

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Skip Bayless’ Wife Ernestine Talks Connecting On Life With The Real Dwayne Carter & Not Lil Wayne [Video]

Skip Bayless Wife Ernestine Talks Connecting On Life With The Real Dwayne Carter & Not Lil Wayne

For one of the latest episodes of “The Skip Bayless Show“, which you can watch below, the American sports columnist and commentator had his wife Ernestine Bayless appear on the show.

During their sit-down conversation, Ernestine revealed how she first met Lil Wayne on ESPN’s “First Take” and explained that it was herself who first booked Wayne on the sports TV show for an appearance.

Skip also chatted about how Tune accepted Mrs. Bayless into his home before she mentioned that herself and Weezy connected closely on life and formed a unique friendship. She even says she got to know the real Dwayne Michael Carter and not Lil Wayne!

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Lil Wayne Makes A Rare Public Appearance At Anita Baker’s Show In Vegas [Video]

Lil Wayne Makes A Rare Public Appearance At Anita Baker Show In Vegas

Lil Wayne was spotted making a rare public appearance during Anita Baker‘s show at The Venetian Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 29th.

While at the concert, Anita made sure to stop her show and acknowledge Weezy in the crowd to which he then stood up and thanked everyone for giving him a round of applause.

“Sitting in the Coupe, looking like a racer; Top peeled back like the skin of a potato; Seat way back, listening to Anita Baker; Riding by myself, smoking weed by the acre”

Tunechi was in town that day as he had a show at Drai’s Beachclub earlier that afternoon. You can check out some footage of Tune at Baker‘s show below! Do you remember when he sampled the soul legend on his “Best Thing Yet” song?

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Lil Wayne Makes A Cameo In Mellow Rackz’ “What I Want” Music Video

Lil Wayne Makes Cameo In Mellow Rackz What I Want Music Video

New Young Money signee Mellow Rackz has released the official music video for her first single on the record label called “What I Want“.

In the new visual, which was directed by Steven Gomillion, there is cameo appearances from Rackz‘ boss Lil Wayne all throughout it.

You can check out the “What I Want” video after the jump below! Do you like the song?

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Lil Wayne Appears In The Trailer For “Mixtape: The Movie” Documentary [Video]

Lil Wayne Appears In The Trailer For Mixtape The Movie Documentary

A trailer has been released for the upcoming “Mixtape: The Movie” documentary, which will feature an appearance from Lil Wayne.

Mixtape: The Movie” will document everything around the mixtape culture and its importance in the hip-hop industry, so it is only right that “Mixtape Weezy” is included in this.

If you wish to attend the world premiere of “Mixtape: The Movie” at the United Palace in New York City on April 7th, click here to order your tickets online. Are you looking forward to seeing the film? Check out the trailer below!

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