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Paris Hilton Discusses Jail With Lil Wayne For Interview Magazine

Paris Hilton Speaks To Lil Wayne For Interview Magazine About Jail

In the April issue of Interview Magazine, the bad boy rapper and party-girl hotel heiress bonded over their love for music, Miami clubs, and freedom (both served time behind bars in recent years).

Hilton took a break from filming her upcoming reality show in L.A. to interview Wayne in Miami, via phone. What broke the ice for the two fast-living mega-stars? Chatting about jail, of course.

“For me it was okay because it just meant that I was alone with my thoughts,” said Wayne of his one-month stint in solitary confinement, after being caught with an iPod at Rikers Island last year.

“There were times when it was pretty tough to be by yourself, and to have no television, no sort of nothing…I was okay. I did fine,” said Wayne, who released an album in jail.

Hilton, who served 23 days in prison in 2007 after violating her probation for repeatedly driving on a suspended license and ignoring court orders, empathized.

“I know how you feel,” said the 30-year-old socialite. “It’s the best feeling in the world when you come out.”

Hilton and Wayne are currently each working on their music careers. They even exchanged phone numbers for a future collaboration.

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Lil Wayne Wants To Collab With Paris Hilton

Lil Wayne Wants To Collab With Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton recently interviewed Lil Wayne for April’s issue of Interview Magazine, and it was Weezy who actually offered his services:

“I was gonna ask you, how are you gonna release an album and don’t get me on it?” he told Paris, who is prepping her sophomore effort for this summer.

“Well, if you would be on the album, then I would be honored,” she replied. “That would be the sickest thing. We should get each other’s phone numbers so we can call each other after the interview or text or something.”

It didn’t take any convincing for Wayne to jump on board. “Cool. Sounds good,” he said before exchanging digits with the socialite. – Rap-Up

I really don’t think this is a good idea from Tune.


Video: Lil Wayne At Birdman’s Birthday Celebration Party In Miami

In the video above, you can see Lil Wayne at Birdman‘s birthday celebration party in Miami at Club LIV. This was two days before he got sentenced to one year in prison, and you can see pictures of the Young Money artists at the party here. Shouts to Derick G

In other news, we can be expecting another Gudda Gudda and Lil Wayne collaboration to drop in April called “Small Thing To A Giant“.