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Episode 1 Of Rob DeGruy’s “America’s Most Wanted” Tour Vlog [Video]

In the video above, you can watch episode 1 of Rob DeGruy‘s “America’s Most Wanted” music festival vlog.

During the clip, Lil Wayne can be seen performing live in Alabama, skating at the Skatepark Of Tampa and a skate park in Baltimore with YoYo, Jereme Knibbs, Kyle Berard, and Connor Champion.

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Lil Wayne Performs Live In Baltimore, Maryland On “America’s Most Wanted” Tour [Pictures]

Lil Wayne Performs Live In Baltimore On Americas Most Wanted Tour

On July 17th, Lil Wayne performed live on his America’s Most Wanted music festival in Baltimore, Maryland at the 1st Mariner Arena. During this concert, Weezy brought out Birdman, Mack Maine, 2 Chainz, and T.I. to perform their collaborations.

Kristina Gooden and Jarvis attended this show and sent me some great quality photos from it, which you can view for yourselves after the jump below!

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Videos: Lil Wayne Celebrates Bria’s Birthday x Performs “Bill Gates” In Baltimore

In the video above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne celebrating Birdman’s daughter Bria‘s 13th birthday. You can see Weezy playing with his son at the party and having some fun with his family in the photo booth. DJ Khaled also attended Bria‘s birthday bash, which was set up by Toya Carter. Shouts to DG!

Hit the jump to watch some footage of Tunechi backstage and onstage performing “Bill Gates” at his I’m Still Music tour in Baltimore, Maryland, courtesy of DJ Scoob Doo. I guess this means The Nino Brown Story Part 3 DVD is about to be released soon.

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Videos: Lil Wayne Performs On The “I’m Still Music” Tour In Baltimore

Lil Wayne entrance + performing “I’m Goin’ In”

It’s been a quiet day today, so I thought I’d get some of the best footage from YouTube of Lil Wayne performing at the First Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland for part of his “I’m Still Music” tour on March 20th. You can view some photos from Sunday’s show in Maryland here, and Tunechi Li‘s next show will be in Hampton, Virginia tomorrow night (March 23). Hit the jump to watch more footage of Weezy performing live in Maryland!

PS: The intro is fucking sick with that phone call at the beginning saying Wayne Carter was released from custody on November 4th, 2010, then Weezy‘s shadow dropping down the wall, and then Tune popping up straight into his “I’m Goin’ In” verse haha!

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