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Full 40-Minute Interview: Lil Wayne & Odell Beckham Talk Tattoos, “Tha Carter V”, New York Giants, Birdman, Eli Manning & More [Video]

Lil Wayne & Odell Beckham Talk Tattoos, Tha Carter V, New York Giants, Birdman, Eli Manning & More

After seeing Lil Wayne respond to the negative feedback about this interview in the week, we can now watch Odell Beckham Jr. and Wayne sit down with journalist Josina Anderson to discuss all things about music, sports, their careers, relationship, achievements, and more.

During the 40-minute conversation, which ESPN released today, Weezy talked about the first thing that comes to mind when you mention OBJ, the most important tattoo he has on his body, what his darkest hour has been, “Can’t Be Broken“, the New York Giants, and says the situation with Birdman was just “straight confusion”.

Tunechi also opened up about the thought process behind the outro on his Tha Carter V album, “Let It All Work Out“, in which he says it was recorded 4 years ago. Odell speaks on what the first thing that comes to his mind when you mention Lil Wayne, why he got a tattoo of Tune on his leg, his own darkest hour of this year, the New York Giants, Eli Manning, and plenty more!

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Birdman & Young Thug Could Be Charged With Trying To Kill Lil Wayne After New Evidence Surfaces

Birdman & Young Thug Could Be Charged With Trying To Kill Lil Wayne After New Evidence Surfaces In The Case

3 years ago, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey aka Peewee Roscoe was found guilty of shooting at Lil Wayne‘s tour bus in Atlanta, Georgia and was served with a 20-year sentence (10 years in prison and 10 years on probation).

Now the Cobb County State Court is about to reopen the case after new evidence has surfaced, which could expose Birdman and Young Thug for having something to do with trying to kill Wayne. 12 minutes before the shooting took place, Thug had called Winfrey a total of 8 times and while Winfrey was in jail, Baby had called him to to say the following:

“Time for you to come out here and get this money nephew. You did everything you could do boss… it’s a eye-opener bruh, ya heard me. Strictly business, man.”

Before we find out in the next few weeks, you can watch footage detailing this latest update and hear the audio of Birdman‘s phone call, courtesy of WSB-TV, after the jump below. Do you think Baby and Thugger will be charged from this new evidence?

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Lil Wayne Makes An Appearance On The 2018 Forbes “Hip-Hop Cash Kings” List

Lil Wayne Makes An Appearance On The 2018 Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings List

Forbes reveal the top 20 rappers who have appeared on their 2018 Hip-Hop Cash Kings list. Lil Wayne made an appearance on this list at No. 18 by banking around $19 million, which is $3.5 million more than what he made last year.

Tunechi‘s Young Money artist Drake also made the top 20 of this year’s Hip-Hop Cash Kings list by entering at No. 4 with around $47 million. If you are interested, Birdman also made the list at No. 16 with an estimated $20 million.

You can check out the full list below. This year has also been Weezy‘s biggest payday since 2014 and that is thanks to headlining concerts and reaching a multimillion-dollar settlement with Cash Money Records and Universal!

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Birdman Apologizes To Lil Wayne At Lil Weezyana Fest In New Orleans [Video]

Birdman Apologizes To Lil Wayne At Lil Weezyana Fest In New Orleans

Last night, the 4th annual “Lil Weezyana Fest” took place in Lil Wayne‘s hometown New Orleans from Champions Square’s Bold Sphere Music.

So many things went down at the concert, which I’ll get posted on LilWayneHQ soon, but one of the main things (that a lot of people guessed would happen) was Tunechi bringing Birdman out.

Baby came out to perform “Number One Stunna” before then apologizing to Weezy on stage for all of the stuff the two of them have been through since 2014. The #1 Stunna then went into performing “Still Fly” live.

“Damn bruh, it feel it amazing bruh. To be home bruh, fucking with my son, I love that nigga to death. I don’t know what y’all know, but I know what I the fuck I know and I know how I feel about what I know. I knew this day was gon’ come, but I ain’t know when it was gon’ come. But this nigga right here, the best nigga, the realest nigga, the illest nigga, and I wanted to apologize to my nigga worldwide to let him know that, ya heard me, that nigga put his life in my hands and I’mma keep it real with that nigga, we gon’ do this shit until the day we die. It’s YMCMB for death nigga, fuck ya, ya heard me.”

You can check out some footage of this after the jump below!

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Feature Friday #145: Te Smalls & Big Balls – Oh Dimers, Big Tymers (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman)

Te Smalls & Big Balls Oh Dimers Big Tymers Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman

I have chosen Te Smalls and Big Balls‘ “Oh Dimers, Big Tymers” song featuring verses from Lil Wayne and Birdman for this week’s “Feature Friday” edition.

“Now you thinking it’s a game? Nigga, I am Lil Wayne; I grab the automatic, and I load my clip and aim; I bust at niggas brains, blacka blacka bang; Me and Baby gorillas that’s untamed, ya understand?”

This track appears on the Phat Rap Tracks compilation that was released back in 2000. Weezy also talked about this record in his classic Nardwuar interview by saying he has no idea who Te Smalls and Big Balls are, but he knows he would of got paid for it:

Nardwuar: Lil Wayne, I’m fascinated by the artist Te Smalls and Big Balls. Who is Te Smalls and Big Balls? You’re on a record by Te Smalls and Big Balls.
Lil Wayne: I don’t know who this is. I really don’t. Hold on, I’m about to tell you right now. ‘Oh Dimers and Big Tymers?’ I don’t know. I really don’t know about this one right here. You got Baby, you got me. Actually, it just has me and Baby. So this must have been a song that me and Baby got paid. Probably got a little $7,500 or something. And did a song for whoever Phat Rap Tracks was and whoever Te Smalls and all them people is.

Nardwuar: Te Smalls and Big Balls.
Lil Wayne: Let you know I was hustlin’ brother. I don’t know about their names, but, I know I got paid.

You can listen to “Oh Dimers, Big Tymers” below.

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