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Lil Wayne Lets Fans Know He Isn’t Worrying About “Bullshit-Ass Birdman” During SXSW [Video]

Lil Wayne Lets Fans Know He Isnt Worrying About Bullshit Ass Birdman During SXSW

I posted up some footage yesterday of Lil Wayne performing “Ride For My Niggas” at MASS APPEAL’s 3rd annual “Live At The BBQ” during South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas on March 16th.

Now we can check out footage of Weezy letting us fans know he is fine even though he going through some “bullshit” with his record label before going into performing “No Worries” live.

“In all real and all honesty, I know y’all do know I am going through some bullshit with my motherfuckin’ career and niggas is tryna steer my career without letting me do or say a damn thing, but it’s moments like this that made that bullshit this big to me, I appreciate it. If you think I am stressing or letting this shit get to me, please remember there’s too much good pussy and too many great motherfuckin’ loyal fans to worry about bullshit-ass Birdman!”

You can watch Tunechi‘s rant about Birdman and his “No Worries” live performance at Stubb’s BBQ in 2 clips after the jump below!

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MediaTakeout Trying To Ruin Lil Wayne’s Career

MediaTakeout Trying To Ruin Lil Wayne's Career

I don’t know if any of y’all have seen what MediaTakeout is posting… well if not, they are trying to make out Lil Wayne called Michael Jackson a ‘fag‘.

A lot of people on blogs are commenting and posting that this is really disrespectful by Wayne and they are losing a lot of respect for him.

I’m not trying to say that Lil Wayne didn’t say this, but he said it well before MJ had passed away and MediaTakeout are trying to make out like Weezy said it recently.

I know a lot of you all would of seen this freestyle by Weezy on Ustream a while back and don’t forget what Lil Wayne said about MJ RECENTLY:

I personally can’t believe it. But it’s more unfortunate for the world of music. My love goes out to his family. A sad day in history, not just music.

So fuck MediaTakeout for posting false shit on Wayne and if you have missed what they put up on their website, you can read it here.