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Mannie Fresh Says Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” Album Will Have That “Original Cash Money Feel”

Mannie Fresh Says Lil Wayne Tha Carter 5 Album Will Have That Original Cash Money Feel

Montreality caught up with Mannie Fresh recently for an interview about various subjects including the job he had as a teenager, his favorite cartoon character, Kanye West, the music industry, and more.

During their conversation, the producer revealed that him and Lil Wayne went back to the original Cash Money sound when working on the upcoming Tha Carter V album, as well as that it will have the first Tha Carter album feel. He discussed a bit more about Cash Money Records too.

You can watch the full interview between Montreality and Mannie after the jump below. Head to the 3:30 mark to go to the Weezy and C5 question!

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T-Pain Says Lil Wayne’s Jail Time Put T-Wayne Album On Hold x Watch T-Pain’s “Freaknik” TV Cartoon

“The T-Wayne album, we’re actually gonna wait until he gets out,” Pain said about Weezy‘s jail time. “He has so much going on. He has Rebirth out right now. I don’t wanna interrupt that. We just gonna wait until he gets out to really get in on that. We recorded a bunch of songs. But, right now, it’s time for him and his personal shit. We definitely got an album’s worth of material, but it’s only an album’s worth. It’s nothing to pick from. We just got an album. We can put out whatever we feel like and say, ‘Hey, this is T-Wayne‘s album,’ or we can actually try to make it good. Like we’re actually trying to make an album and say, ‘This is the good T-Wayne album.’ Rather than just record 12 songs and say, ‘Here you go, muthafuckas! I know you want it. You gonna buy it anyway, just ’cause you think it’s good.’ ”

“It happens, man,” the singer said. “People go to jail. That’s something he’s gotta go through. I’m happy it’s not fucking 10 years. That’s just something that’s going on. I know his commissary [prison store] is ridiculous. He’s got so much money in his commissary. You think Baby is gonna let him sit up in there and eat Doritos? Wayne got [his food] coming with steaks. … I know what’s going on there.

Young Money is still there also. He’s in the studio 24/7,” Pain added. “It’s gonna be like Tupac. You still gonna get 1,000 songs from Wayne. You ain’t gonna miss nothing. It’s gonna be like he never went to jail. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna put out a gang of songs. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna do a ‘Free Lil Wayne‘ campaign. That’s how it goes.”

Via MTV, and do y’all think T-Pain‘s comment is true when he said Birdman is gonna be making sure Weezy is being looked after ❓ Also, hit the jump to watch the full cartoon for T-Pain‘s “Freaknik The Musical” which features Lil Wayne.

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Jimmy Kimmel Jokes On Lil Wayne’s Teeth + T-Pain’s “Freaknik” Trailer


We have two videos here! The video above is the official trailer for T-Pain’s animated TV program called “Freaknik“, which pays homage to the 1990’s Atlanta Spring Break fiesta Freaknik. The cartoon is set to air on March 7th on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim channel, and both Lil Wayne and Mack Maine provide voices to their characters! In the video below, Jimmy Kimmel jokes about Lil Wayne‘s grill and teeth by saying: “It looks like his teeth are in jail”.



Lil Wayne To Star In T-Pain’s New Cartoon, “Freaknik”

Lil Wayne To Star In T-Pains New Cartoon Freaknik

(…) Some Cartoon Network/Adult Swim execs came through to display clips from T-Pain’s upcoming cartoon special Freaknik, which airs on March 21st. In it, Lil Wayne provides the voice for Jesus Christ (I’m not kidding) and performs a music video for “Ghetto Commandments.” Several other rappers are featured on the cartoon, and Nappy Boy recording artist Young Cash plays one of the lead roles. (…)

Via: OzoneMag

What do you think about this? Personally, I can’t wait to see it (to actually believe it).

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