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Feature Friday #171: Birdman – S On My Chest (Feat Lil Wayne)

Birdman S On My Chest Feat Lil Wayne

It’s that time of the week again! This week’s “Feature Friday” installment is a Birdman record called “S On My Chest” featuring Lil Wayne.

This Kane Beatz-produced song appears on DJ Khaled‘s album, We The Best, as well as a bonus track on Baby‘s 5 * Stunna album, which were both released back in 2007.

“And you say you want beef? Then I got ya boy; I’ll just let the Big Mac, Whoppa-boy; See my dreads hangin’ lookin’ like a Rasta boy; Fuck with my roster and I turn into Mufasa boy; We run up in ya casa boy, and blast off like NASA boy”

You can listen to “S On My Chest” below.

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Trina, Kevin Rudolf, FatBoyMixx, Tammy Torres & Bigg D Share Stories About Lil Wayne On Mike Sherman’s “Before The Fame” [Video]

Trina, Kevin Rudolf, FatBoyMixx, Tammy Torres & Bigg D Share Stories About Lil Wayne On Mike Sherman Before The Fame

Lil Wayne was the featured guest on the latest episode of Mike Sherman‘s “Before The Fame” series.

The show included old interviews with Wayne, as well as new interviews from Trina, Kevin Rudolf, engineer FatBoyMixx, Tammy Torres, producer Bigg D, and a music trivia with random people on the street.

During Trina‘s interview, she spoke on dating Tunechi, why he is one of the greatest, and confirms he will be featured on her new album The One. Tammy also talked about dating Tune, being in love with him, and how he is not the same person as he was 10 years ago.

For Kevin‘s interview, he discussed how he got signed to Cash Money, what it is like working with Weezy, their chemistry together, and reconnecting on “I Will Not Break“. Stephen McDowell aka FatBoyMixx, who did work on Tha Carter V, chatted about Lil Wayne‘s work ethic, witnessing Wayne record a whole song from scratch in 15 minutes, and called him “the no. 1 rapper”.

Music producer Bigg D spoke about producing JAY Z and Mr. Carter‘s “Hello Brooklyn” collaboration, revealed Weezy is his “favorite artist” that he was worked with, called him “a legend” in the industry, and says all the new generation rappers “pretty much got it from Wayne“. You can check out Tune‘s segment on “Before The Fame” in the video after the jump below. Enjoy!

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Feature Friday #170: TQ – Ride On (Feat Lil Wayne)

TQ Ride On Feat Lil Wayne

For this week’s “Feature Friday” edition, I have picked a single from TQ called “Ride On” featuring a verse from Lil Wayne.

Even though this Livin Proof-produced song does not appear on any official album, it was released as a promo vinyl in the United Kingdom back in 1999 for TQ‘s Daily project.

“That’s how I become Weezy Wee like that; I’m from the streets like that; And on these streets I’mma die; The G-code is what we live by, forever ride”

You can listen to “Ride On” below.

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Feature Friday #168: B.G. – Niggaz In Trouble (Feat Lil Wayne & Juvenile)

BG Niggaz In Trouble Feat Lil Wayne & Juvenile

The “Feature Friday” edition for this week is B.G.‘s “Niggaz In Trouble” track featuring Lil Wayne and Juvenile.

The Mannie Fresh-produced song appears on B.G.‘s album, Chopper City In The Ghetto, which was released back in 1999.

“Look nigga you better put a zip on yo trap, or you will get trapped; When I creep through the black in the black on black; Niggas be stumblin’, and crumblin'”

You can listen to “Niggaz In Trouble” below.

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Juvenile Discusses The Lost Lil Wayne Notebook On Sale, Reveals Wayne Wrote A Verse For “Back That Azz Up” [Video]

Juvenile Discusses The Lost Lil Wayne Notebook On Sale, Reveals Wayne Wrote A Verse For Back That Azz Up

Juvenile recently sat down with Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez for an interview with Hot 97 on their “Ebro In The Morning” radio show to promote his and Birdman‘s joint album, Just Another Gangsta.

From the 14:35 mark of their conversation, which you can check out below, Juvie was asked about the lost handwritten Lil Wayne notebook from the Hot Boys days that is currently on sale for $250,000.00.

The New Orleans rapper confirmed that Wayne had numerous notepads full of lyrics back in the day, revealed Tunechi had a whole verse ready for “Back That Azz Up” that didn’t make the final version, and recalled saying Tune would be the future of music!

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Lil Wayne Wants His Old Lyric Book Back, Sends Legal Threats To The Auction Company

Lil Wayne Wants His Old Lyric Book Back, Sends Legal Threats To The Auction Company

Just over a few weeks ago, we found out that an old notebook containing some of Lil Wayne‘s raps from the Hot Boys era is on the market for $250,000.00. The book, which includes lyrics written by Wayne from when he was 17-years-old, was found in a car that once belonged to Cash Money and it is now being auctioned off through Moments In Time.

According to TMZ, Tunechi has got his attorneys to file a warning letter to the auction company stating the fact that he is the rightful owner of the notepad and he has never agreed to the sale of his pad. In this letter, Tune‘s attorneys say he “never abandoned his notebook”, but just lost it, and even though he is glad it has now been found, he is not happy about it being sold. Weezy claims that the person who found it kept it a secret for all this time, because he wanted to wait for the right opportunity to make money from it.

The founder of Moments In Time, Gary Zimet, reveals that Lil Wayne will have to purchase the notepad from them if he does want it back. Wayne is reportedly fine with doing this, but he’s still threatening legal action if they don’t stop the sale to the public!

Pic credit: MIA Nights.