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Turk Reveals Why Lil Wayne Did Not Like Young Buck & The Reason Why Wayne Began To Freestyle [Video]

Turk Reveals Why Lil Wayne Did Not Like Young Buck & The Reason Why Wayne Began To Freestyle

Here is another part of Turk‘s interview with Mikey T The Movie Star from Report Card Radio and this one is mainly about Young Buck‘s time with Cash Money Records.

Turk revealed when he first met the Nashville rapper, how Lil Wayne did not like Buck because Birdman used to always make him freestyle everywhere they went, and says he believes Buck is the reason that Wayne started to freestyle because he is a competitive guy.

You can check out everything that the YNT founder had to say on this situation in the video after the jump below!

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Chi-Ali Calls Lil Wayne “The Biggest Thing In The Game” x French Montana Defends Weezy’s New York Statement

Above, you can listen to an extract from Chi-Ali‘s first interview since being released from prison after serving 12 years behind bars. During the interview he spoke about his respect for Lil Wayne.

“I’ve been watching him for the last 12 years while I was prison. So I literally watched him blow and grow from a young man to a grown-ass man, and he’s huge. I appreciate him, I applaud him. A lot of artists need to take some tips from Wayne on how to handle their success. My kids, my daughters love him. Who don’t love Wayne? He’s the biggest thing in the game, I believe, definitely in hip-hop.”

Chi-Ali met Weezy for the first time at the video shoot for Fat Joe‘s new single “Yellow Tape“, which Wayne is featured on. If you missed the behind the scenes pictures of this video shoot, you can find them here.

In other news, back in August Tunechi said that he dislikes New York City. Hit the jump to listen to French Montana defending Tune in an interview with MTV saying he understands why he said that he does not like New York.

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