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Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne Discusses Lean, Curren$y & Being The Best Rapper On “We Got Next” [Video]

Lil Wayne Discusses Lean, Currensy & Being The Best Rapper On We Got Next

For #ThrowbackThursday today, check out this “We Got Next” special on Lil Wayne that was directed and produced back in 2005 by Lee Harris aka Lee Major.

In the #TBT clip, Weezy speaks all about lean with “Anything” off his The Suffix mixtape playing in the background by saying it originated in Houston only, he has been drinking it since 16, and how he is a weekly subscriber just like a magazine.

Tunechi also talks about why he believes he is the best rapper in the game and his Young Money artist Curren$y. You can check it out after the jump below!

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Short Dawg Explains That Lil Wayne Has Stopped Sippin’ Syrup + Weezy Takes Over Fuse TV

Short Dawg Explains That Lil Wayne Has Stopped Sippin Syrup + Weezy Takes Over Fuse TV

Young Money’s newest signing, Short Dawg explains in an interview with Angela Yee that Lil Wayne has stopped sippin’ syrup. Some of you may already know that Weezy has given up syrup, but here is some extra proof:

“Wayne don’t sip no more…When you in your mode of sippin’ sometimes it makes you a little aggravated, so it was probably one of those little drank fits he was throwin’ cause I do the same thing.”

Today (December 21st), starting at 11 am/10 C, Fuse TV will be having a wall-to-wall marathon dedicated to Lil Wayne. For more info, go to http://fuse.tv/lilwayne or check out the teaser clip after the jump below. Today is wall-to-wall coverage of every video, interview and Fuse appearance by Weezy, so be sure to tune in and check it out.

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