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Rick Ross, Drama, Juelz Santana, Khaled, Jim Jones, Slim Thug & Toya Speak On Weezy’s Guilty Plea

Rick Ross DJ Drama Juelz Santana DJ Khaled Jim Jones Slim Thug & Toya Speak On Lil Waynes Guilty Plea

Rick Ross: “It hurt us,” Rick Ross said. The Bawse had just gotten off a plane to Los Angeles on Thursday morning when he heard about Wayne’s plea. “We strategize and work towards this for so long, and when something like that, a major inconvenience such as that, nine people out of 10, that stint could hurt them. But I think Wayne has a unique situation with his Cash Money family and now his Young Money roster, I know they got a lot of things poppin’. Wayne’s got enough music. He’s one of the few artists I feel could eat those 10 months up, or that year, and then come home to rap royalty. If anybody is gonna be able to do it, it’s gonna be Wayne.” It most definitely could have been a lot worse,” Ross added. “But Lil Wayne and his camp, his music is gonna remain visible and relevant. He’s gonna handle his business and come home like a boss. Believe that. This is finnin’ to take him to a whole ‘nother creative point,” Ross continued. “To have time to sit down … I can imagine how many records and choruses he’s gonna write. Knowing Wayne, he’s gonna release a mixtape from behind bars. He’ll be right back with a new energy and he’ll have the streets excited. People are going to want to hear what he has to say and speak his experience and speak to the youth.”

DJ Drama: “I was shocked,” Drama said of the news about his collaborator. “It was ironic because when I got the e-mail, I was taking a break from shooting a CNN special about black men in America since President Obama’s election. Then here we are halfway through shooting that, and I get a e-mail about Lil Wayne possibly facing jail time. One of the world’s most popular music stars? It’s crazy. Not to take anything from the actual charge or the conflicts of guns, but we all can bear witness to the racist tactics of the hip-hop police, specifically in New York. I remember numerous occasions, doing my promo during my album’s run. They were outside the venues just clearly looking for situations. I can imagine on that night or any given night with the most heralded stars — the 50 Cents, the Lil Waynes — the aggressive nature, they came down on those guys. The system is not even fair to that extent. People can say ‘Don’t do the crime, do the time’ or ‘Don’t carry weapons,’ yadda, yadda, yadda,” he continued. “These cops are coming so strategically at these artists to make these headlines, to make these statements … it’s plain and simple wrong. So much time and effort is put into putting our music stars behind bars, they still ain’t find out who killed Tupac and Biggie.”

Jim Jones: “Thts crazy lil Wayne gets a year for a hand pistol and ti gets the same time for having army issued rifles wit silencers U tell me WTF”

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