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Turk Shares Old Lil Wayne Stories On The Tippie Toe Podcast [Video]

Turk Shares Old Lil Wayne Stories On The Tippie Toe Podcast

Turk was one of the recent special guests on the Tippie Toe Podcast, which you can watch in full down below.

During their virtual interview, Turk shared many old stories from the Hot Boys and early Cash Money Records days, as well as discussed witnessing Lil Wayne freestyle in person.

The YNT founder also spoke about why he always mentions Wayne‘s name when telling the crabs story, how Wayne used to be jealous of Young Buck because Birdman asked Buck to freestyle for others rather than asking himself, how close Wayne and Buck came to having a fight over a girl (which included Wayne grabbing an iron), and more!

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Lil Wayne Discusses His Childhood, Not Believing In Racism, Playing Tennis & More On The “More To It” Podcast

Lil Wayne Discusses His Childhood, Not Believing In Racism, Playing Tennis & More On The More To It Podcast

Lil Wayne recently participated in a 1-hour conversation with former American football player Marcellus Wiley on his “More To It” podcast, which is a show featuring interviews with entertainers.

In their convo, Wayne discussed growing up in the 17th Ward of New Orleans, signing to Cash Money Records, dressing up as Michael Jackson and performing for his family at a young age (this is when he realized he loved performing), his late stepfather Rabbit, the Cash Money/Ruff Ryders tour, Slim Williams, the moment when Birdman and Slim knew he was a solo artist and not a Hot Boy anymore, and being a student of the game every single day.

Also during their talk, Weezy spoke on wanting to become the ultimate music artist, how it feels to be in the conversation for the greatest rapper of all time, Roger Federer being the G.O.A.T. in tennis, playing tennis himself with his homie T@, the time he said he does not believe in racism on “Undisputed”, what he would tell his older self if he could go back in time, the Green Bay Packers, preferring American football over basketball, preferring Los Angeles over Miami, and what the hardest part and the best part about being Lil Wayne is.

You can watch a clip of Tunechi‘s interview with Marcellus after the jump below, as well as also listen to the full podcast on Apple Music. Tune was also asked who he personally thinks is the greatest rapper of all time to which he first said The Notorious B.I.G. before then going on to choose Jay Z!

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Turk Speaks On Lil Wayne, Hot Boys Reunion, “Baller Blockin” Film, Birdman’s Lugz & More [Video]

Turk Speaks On Lil Wayne, Hot Boys Reunion, Baller Blockin Film, Birdman Lugz & More

Turk recently sat down with RealLyfe Productions for an interview that you can check out down below.

During their conversation, Turk reflected on his recent interview with Drink Champs and all of statements he made in his appearance.

The YNT founder went into more detail about why he said Gillie Da Kid lied about writing for Lil Wayne, both of them nearly signing to Master P (No Limit), hearing Wayne‘s “I Miss My Dawgs” track for the very first time, and more.

Also in Turk‘s 2-hour convo with RealLyfe Productions, he talked about if there will ever be a Hot Boys reunion, filming the Baller Blockin movie back in 2000, recovering from heroin, and shared his honest thoughts about Birdman‘s Lifestyle Chukka Boot line with Lugz Footwear!

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Turk Talks Catching Pubic Lice With Lil Wayne, “I Miss My Dawgs” Song, Birdman & Wayne’s Kiss + More [Video]

Turk Talks Catching Pubic Lice With Lil Wayne, I Miss My Dawgs Song, Birdman & Wayne Kiss + More

Turk was the recent guest on the “Drink Champs” podcast were he sat down both N.O.R.E. aka Noreaga and DJ EFN for an interview, which you can watch in full below.

Throughout their conversation, Turk shared stories about him and Lil Wayne contemplating leaving Birdman / Cash Money Records to sign with Master P / No Limit, both of them catching crabs together from two sisters in Houston, and getting Wayne and Kodak Black on their very first song together with “Fuk How It Turn Out“.

The YNT founder also opened up about Tunechi‘s “I Miss My Dawgs” song, the infamous kiss between Baby and Weezy, tracks from the early Cash Money days like “Project Chick“, Gillie Da Kid claiming he ghostwrote for Mr. Carter in the past, Tune saying fuck Turk during his own “Drink Champs” interview, and much more. Turk did call Wayne his brother still to this day, but he could not pick an answer from the “Lil Wayne or Drake” game!

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Birdman & Slim’s Brother Terrance Williams Says He Always Knew Lil Wayne Would Be Special [Video]

Birdman & Slim Brother Terrance Williams Says He Always Knew Lil Wayne Would Be Special

Birdman‘s blood brother Terrance Williams sat down With Vlad TV for an interview after he was recently released from federal prison after serving 23 years behind bars.

During their conversation, which you can watch below, Terrance spoke on B.G. and Lil Wayne‘s The B.G.z group, always knowing Wayne was going to be something special way back then, and being the inspiration behind the Hot Boys.

Williams also recalled asking Weezy to spit a rap for him and when he did, he questioned where he got his bars from and how he is able to rap like this to which Tunechi answered: “I don’t know, I’m just talented, I’m just gifted”. He also remembered his other brother Slim sending him one of Tune‘s songs and thinking he is going to be the next one to blow up!

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