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Birdman Speaks On Giving Lil Wayne $50 Million, Why They Used To Kiss On The Lips & More [Video]

Birdman Speaks On Giving Lil Wayne $50 Million, Why They Used To Kiss On The Lips & More

Birdman recently sat down with Big Bank, DJ Scream and Baby Jade for an interview on REVOLT’s “Big Facts” series.

During their conversation, Baby discussed everything from Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Future, Drake, Nicki Minaj, not getting enough respect in the music industry, the Hot Boys, Atlanta, past issues with Charlamagne Tha God, missing out on signing Kanye West because he already had Mannie Fresh, and much more.

The #1 Stunna explained that him and Weezy fixed their relationship and problems by going around to his house on New Year’s Eve and giving him $50 million, as well as also mentioning that this situation would be the only thing in his career he wishes he could take back and that it all started when he created the Rich Gang group.

Also in the convo, Birdman revealed why he used to kiss Tunechi on the lips, making a mistake when they were younger to not copyright “Bling Bling”, and why he only believes Tune can battle against himself in a VERZUZ. You can check out the full interview in the video below!

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Lil Wayne Talks “Best Rapper Alive” Mentality, Influence, Skateboarding & More With The Players Company [Video]

Lil Wayne Talks Best Rapper Alive Mentality, Influence, Skateboarding & More With The Players Company

A few months ago, Lil Wayne and Darren Waller sat down with Darnell Smith for a “Players Day Off” interview at NRG Recording Studios in Los Angeles, California.

During their conversation, Weezy discussed his “welcome to the rap game” was being on tour with the Hot Boys, his “best rapper alive” mentality when approaching every song as he is always competing against himself, meditating, and his influence on the new generation of rappers.

Tunechi also revealed to The Players Company where his love for skateboarding came from, who the greatest skaters in hip-hop alive are, and played a game at the end of their convo, which showed Tune did not know remember lyrics from his “Steady Mobbin’” and “Lollipop (Remix)” songs!

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Turk Talks Lil Wayne Idolizing Jay Z, Leaving Cash Money, Birdman Kissing Both Of Them & More [Videos]

Turk Talks Lil Wayne Idolizing Jay Z, Leaving Cash Money, Birdman Kissing Both Of Them & More

Turk recently sat down with Vlad TV for an interview that included him speaking about his early Cash Money Records days and his relationship with Lil Wayne.

In their conversation, Turk recalls to when all of the Hot Boys started to leave Cash Money, the record label releasing a Hot Boys album full of old material after they had broken up, and says he believes that himself and Wayne would have ended up running CMR if he had stayed originally.

The YNT founder also shared the story once more of how himself and Tunechi caught crabs from two sisters in Texas before Tune then passed them on to Toya Johnson, how Weezy always idolized Jay Z growing up, being kissed by Birdman as a teenager, and much more. You can check out clips from their convo below!

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Feature Friday #241: Big Tymers – Hard Life (Feat Lil Wayne & Juvenile)

Big Tymers Hard Life Feat Lil Wayne & Juvenile

The “Feature Friday” installment for this week is a track from the Big Tymers titled “Hard Life” featuring Lil Wayne and Juvenile.

This Mannie Fresh-produced song appears on his and Birdman‘s third studio album as a duo, I Got That Work, which was released back in 2000 on Cash Money Records.

“Once it’s war n*gga, skip town; Cause if I don’t do it, be swimmin’ with fish, clown; I crack a whole chick down, sell it in quarters; If the drama happen to hit town, I’m ‘nappin’ your daughter; If the broad try to flip out, I’m cuttin’ her water; And if your boys try to help out, I’m killin’ they fathers”

You can listen to “Hard Life” below.

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Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne Goes In On The Empire Mixtape DJ For Leaking His Music

Lil Wayne Goes In On The Empire Mixtape DJ For Leaking His Music

As it is #ThrowbackThursday today, here is a rare Lil Wayne interview on the radio with DJ Drama and David Banner from back in 2008.

Wayne made the phone call in to clear up comments he made in a magazine that looked like he was disrespecting all mixtape DJs, but it was just The Empire who he had a problem with as Empire was the one who was leaking a lot of Weezy‘s music on unofficial tapes.

“First off I ain’t mean to disrespect no deejays, no mixtape deejays, whatever kind of deejay you is, there was no kind of disrespect, especially given the fact that me and Drama, me and Khaled, and me and my homeboy Raj Smooth from New Orleans, we all get it in and do the mixtape thing. So given that fact, I think things were blew out of proportion.”

“But what I do wanna say is whoever got soft feelings or whoever took what I said and wants to feel some kind of way, I want you to know, please do not feel differently after you hear me on this radio, I want you to still feel like ‘f*ck me’, I want you to still feel like: ‘f*ck that n*gga’, cause when you see me in the streets I want it to be that, because I’m going to bite your f*cking face off.”

“This Empire n*gga, I don’t f*ck with him. For all deejays I just want you to know that, that diss was meant for that Empire n*gga. I don’t f*ck the Empire n*gga. The n*gga put a CD out on me every month and I couldn’t tell you how none of them n*ggas look in person… if you made the ‘Wayne’s World Volume 1 to 7’, ya mama’s a b*tch and if you The Empire, n*gga I hope you die twice tomorrow.”

Also in their conversation, which you can check out below, Tunechi spoke on the unofficial Wayne’s World mixtape series, his Tha Carter III album, if he is down with a Hot Boys reunion, and for Drama to send him beats for the Dedication 3 mixtape! Have you heard this convo before?

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