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Lil Wayne Attends Lakers vs. Mavs NBA Game, Shows Love To LeBron James’ Mother Gloria [Pictures & Video]

Lil Wayne Attends Lakers vs Mavs NBA Game With His Son Kameron Carter + Shows Love To LeBron James Mother Gloria

On January 12th, Lil Wayne attended a Los Angeles Lakers game with his and Lauren London‘s son Kameron Carter.

Weezy and Kam were spotted court-side at the Lakers’ NBA game against Dallas Mavericks at the Crypto.Com Arena in L.A., California.

While at the game, Tunechi also saw LeBron James‘ mother, Gloria, and went over to give her a hug! What do you think Tune is listening to in his headphones?

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Lil Wayne Joins Wilson Sporting Goods To Name His Top NFL & NBA Players [Video]

Lil Wayne Joins Wilson Sporting Goods To Name His Top NFL & NBA Players

After partnering up with Wilson Sporting Goods for his Weezy Christmas event for kids last month, Lil Wayne also joined Wilson Football and Wilson Basketball for their debut episode of “4 Downs”.

In the video (watch below), Wayne picked his No. 1 quarterback (Aaron Rodgers), running back (Derrick Henry) and wide receiver (Justin Jefferson) to lead his fantasy team in the NFL. He shared his all-time starting 5 in the NBA too: Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Lebron James (who replaces Tim Duncan), and Shaquille O’Neal.

Tunechi also revealed what his most memorable NFL game is that he has seen live, which was when the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl in 2010. The reason was solely because of his mother Cita as we know Tune is a big Green Bay Packers fan!

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Lil Wayne Makes An Appearance In The “House Party” Remake Film, Watch Trailer [Video]

Lil Wayne Makes An Appearance In The House Party Remake Film, Watch Trailer

An official trailer for the upcoming “House Party” movie has been released and Lil Wayne will be making an appearance in it.

This new “House Party” film is a remake of the 1990 American comedy film with the same title. It will star Jacob Latimore and Tosin Cole.

“Two friends are struggling to make ends meet and get the chance to clean LeBron James’ mansion. The two decide to take advantage and rack up some extra cash by throwing a mansion party at LeBron’s place and invite tons of star-studded celebrities.”

You can check out the trailer for “House Party” after the jump below. Wayne makes his cameo at the 2:05 mark. The movie will be released early next year (January 13th) on HBO Max!

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Lil Wayne Appears On “UNDISPUTED”, Talks L.A. Lakers, Lamar Jackson, Packers vs. Vikings & More [Video]

Lil Wayne Appears On UNDISPUTED - Talks Los Angeles Lakers, Lamar Jackson, Packers vs Vikings & More

A few days ago on Friday (September 9th), Lil Wayne joined both Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe for an episode of their “UNDISPUTED” sports talk show.

While appearing on the program, Tunechi discussed the Los Angeles Lakers’ chance this season with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Patrick Beverley, and Russell Westbrook.

Weezy also spoke about Lamar Jackson’s contract situation, the NFC North game between Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings (which the Vikings won yesterday), and more. Check out their conversation below!

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Fat Joe Names Lil Wayne As The Best Rapper He’s Ever Seen Record In A Studio [Video]

Fat Joe Names Lil Wayne As The Best Rapper Hes Ever Seen Record In A Studio

In an excerpt from season 5 episode 4 of Uninterrupted’s “The Shop” series, Fat Joe revealed Lil Wayne is the best music artist he has ever seen record in a studio and called him “a beast”.

Joey Crack explained to Amy Schumer, Don Lemon, Paul Rivera, Maverick Carter, and LeBron James what he has learned from being in the studio with Weezy and why it was a privileged for himself.

For the third time in his life, Joe also told the story of witnessing Tunechi record his “We Takin’ Over” verse for DJ Khaled, which included Tune sparring with a huge speaker inside the studio room as the instrumental played in the background!

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