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Onhel Talks Unreleased Lil Wayne Music, “Side B*tch”, Wayne’s Reaction To Him First Putting Autotune On His Vocals & More

Onhel Speaks On Unreleased Lil Wayne Music, Side Bitch, Wayne Reaction To Him First Putting Autotune On His Vocals & More

Angel “Onhel” Aponte recently participated in a Q&A (question and answer) session with a Lil Wayne Discord server that you can read in full below.

During their conversation, Onhel discussed trying to get “Like A Man” on streaming platforms, having close to 50 unreleased songs with Wayne in the vault including one where he spits everything in reference to the letter “F”, No Ceilings 2, his very first Weezy leak being “Lisa Marie“, and recording Sorry 4 The Wait 2.

“First the most memorable moment for me will be. We were doing a song ‘Showtime’. He started his vs saying ‘ooouuuu it’s going down in this bitch’. I put a drop on it before he came back in the room. So I put auto tune on that one line. The first time he EVER had auto tune on his voice. The look he gave me, I thought I was about to get fired for the first time in my life. But the look was more he saw how much money he was about to make lol. The music industry changed from that ONE moment. Granted it was Wayne’s talent that everyone followed. But that would have never happened if I didn’t do that. So that will forever be a memorable moment.”

The New York producer and audio engineer also spoke about the DVLP-produced song “Side Bitch“, being in the studio with Tunechi when he first sent out the tweets expressing he was unhappy with Cash Money Records and Birdman back in 2014, being the very first person who put auto-tune on Tune‘s vocals, and much more!

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The RIAA Update Certifications For 7 Albums & 23 Singles By Lil Wayne

The RIAA Update Certifications For 7 Albums & 23 Singles By Lil Wayne

It’s about time! Lil Wayne‘s team have finally updated his certifications with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

I have listed the new Tunechi plaques for his albums and singles after the jump below. With “Lollipop” now being at 8x Platinum, I think it has a huge chance to be Tune‘s very first Diamond record.

PS: There has also been an image going around on social media with these new Weezy RIAA certifications, but there are 3 mistakes on it. I don’t know about you, but I hate how people rush to create things for likes and retweets without focusing on getting the correct information first. Then people will retweet without getting the facts themselves and spread more fake news around!

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Lil Wayne Performs “Drop The World”, “Don’t Cry”, “Can’t Be Broken”, “Mona Lisa” & More At Soundset 2019 [Videos]

Lil Wayne Performs Drop The World, Dont Cry, Cant Be Broken, Mona Lisa & More At Soundset 2019

I previously posted up some photos last week, and now we can watch Lil Wayne‘s full set at the 12th annual Soundset Music Festival, which took place at Minnesota State Fairgrounds in Minneapolis, Minnesota over Memorial Day Weekend on May 26th.

During the concert, Weezy gave a shout out to Tech N9ne and performed “Mr. Carter“, “I’m Goin’ In“, “John“, “Got Money“, “6 Foot 7 Foot“, “Rich As Fuck“, “I’m Me“, “Drop The World“, “Go DJ“, “Lollipop“, “Mrs. Officer“, “Don’t Cry“, “Can’t Be Broken“, “Rollin’“, “Wasted“, “Ride For My Niggas“, “HYFR“, “No Problem“, “Pop That“, “The Motto“, “Let It Fly“, “Mona Lisa“, “Steady Mobbin’“, “A Milli“, and “Uproar” live for everyone in attendance.

You can watch Tunechi headline this year’s Soundset Music Festival for the very first time after the jump below. Enjoy!

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Lil Wayne Headlines 2019 Broccoli City Festival, Pays Tribute To Nipsey Hussle, Calls “A Milli” His Favorite Song [Video]

Lil Wayne Headlines 2019 Broccoli City Festival, Pays Tribute To Nipsey Hussle, Calls A Milli His Favorite Song

Lil Wayne headlined this year’s Broccoli City Festival at the FedExField stadium in Maryland on April 27th.

During his set, Wayne performed “Mr. Carter“, “I’m Goin’ In“, “John“, “Let It Fly“, “Got Money“, “Go DJ“, “Lollipop“, “Mrs. Officer“, “The Motto“, “Steady Mobbin’“, “Mona Lisa“, “A Milli“, “Uproar“, and more songs live.

At the beginning of “The Motto“, Weezy also paid a little tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle by telling the crowd:

“Make some noise for my nigga Nip, I said make some noise for my nigga Nip!”

You can check out some footage of Tunechi‘s live performance at the 2019 Broccoli City Festival below. Tune revealed “A Milli” is his favorite song at this show too!

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Lil Wayne Performs “Let It Fly”, “Dedicate” & More Live At Vans’ “ComfyCush High School” Party [Video]

Lil Wayne Performs Let It Fly, Dedicate & More Live At Vans ComfyCush High School Party

I previously posted up photos over the weekend, and now we can see some footage of Lil Wayne‘s surprise appearance and performance during the “ComfyCush High School” show by Vans at The 1896 studio in Brooklyn, New York on February 21st.

While on stage, Weezy spoke to the crowd and performed “Mr. Carter“, “I’m Goin’ In“, “John“, “Got Money“, “Pistol On My Side“, “Let It Fly“, “6 Foot, 7 Foot“, “Lollipop“, “Mrs. Officer“, “Pop That“, “Dedicate“, “HYFR“, and “A Milli” live.

You can watch Tunechi making a surprise appearance and live performance at the RVSP-only event that was put on in Brooklyn to celebrate the new Vans ComfyCush Era after the jump below!

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