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Video: Lil Wayne May Not Retire From Music Anytime Soon

During a radio interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez in March, Lil Wayne said he’s walking away at 35. Then Weezy switched up, telling XXL that he would be gone by 31. Now Lil Tunechi tells MTV that he isn’t sure when exactly he will walk away from rap.

“I’m not sure; I’m not gonna Brett Favre y’all,” Wayne said referring to the former Green Bay Packers quarterback who finally handed the NFL his walking papers in January after years of talking about it. “I’m not gonna draw it all the way out the whole year: ‘We wondering, is Wayne gonna do this?’ But the honest answer is I don’t know.”

“I’m so settled in my life right now,” he told us. “I have my kids; they’re wonderful. My daughter has her career ahead of her now. I have to focus on that, and I have to put the same focus that I put in my career. … I want to become a better father, I want to become a better man to my woman, and those things take time. and time takes away from this. So the honest answer to that retirement question is, I don’t know. Maybe so.”