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BET Awards Viewers Outraged Over Young Money’s Performance

BET Awards Viewers Outraged Over Young Money's Performance

Many BET Awards viewers were outraged when Lil Wayne and Drake were joined on stage by several pre-teen girls during the performance of their hit song “Every Girl“.

Some journalists found the presence of the pre-teens to be a bit strange.

Overall, the show was a big downer because… many things just seemed out of place. For example, Drake‘s performance had Lil Wayne and his pre-teen daughter with other young girls on stage rapping along to “Every Girl in the World,” which is a song about having escapades with all the girls in the world. (Examiner)

Others thought Weezy‘s song choice was inappropriate in light of Michael Jackson’s recent death.

And then came Lil Wayne, in a five minute flurry of such bad taste and poor judgment one can only assume that he was high or simply confused. He performed his new single “Every Girl“. In light of the somber tone of the evening, the performance would have been gauche enough. But onstage with him at the time were several pre-teen girls, who danced in loose choreography and flocked around Lil Wayne like a prepubescent harem. (City Pages)

Miss Info also blogged about the young girls.

The Drake, Lil Wayne, Young Money Ent performance after the jump .complete with pre-teen relatives onstage during the performance of Every Girl in the World.ugh. (MissInfo)

Many industry insiders used Twitter to express their disappointment with the performance.

Lil wayne + wanting to f*ck every girl + w/ young girls on stage = smh, pure mess. how did bet miss how inappropriate that was?! (TheSourceMag’s Twitter)

These girls onstage look a littttttle tooooo young to be the subject of this song. could be the red tutu (AngelaYee’s Twitter)

Okay I have a problem! Why are there 12 year olds on stage while Drake and Lil Wayne singing this song!! I as like is that a little GIRL????? and then I was like wait there are more lil kids! HUH?? (TiaMowry’s Twitter)

Drake/Lil Wayne performance really pissed me off by bringing those young 10 year old girls singing I would F ever girl in the world. (IPRMKTG’s Twitter)

Shout outs to SOHH

So what do y’all think about this ❓ We know it is Weezy’s daughter, but I still think this is taking it a bit too far.

PS: We will be uploading lots of pics from the BET Awards 2009 tomorrow 😉