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The Judge Has Given Birdman 1 Month To Find & Present All Financial Records To Lil Wayne

The Judge Gives Birdman 1 Month To Find & Present All Financial Records To Lil Wayne

After reporting last week that Lil Wayne wants to know what Birdman has spent $70 million of their $100 million advance check from Universal on, TMZ have now revealed a new update in Wayne‘s ongoing lawsuit against Cash Money Records.

According to TMZ, the judge of the case is not happy that Baby has handed over 22,000 pages of financial records to Weezy‘s team to read through when there was no track of the $70 million being spent in the documents.

The good news for Tunechi is that the judge has now ordered Birdman and his lawyers 30 days to find the missing records and present them to Tune!


Lil Wayne Shows You How And Where He Records His Rhymes

On Monday, DJ Scoob Doo gave MTV News a behind-the-scenes preview of his new DVD, “The Nino Brown Story Pt. 2,” featuring Lil Wayne reflecting on his past. Now Scoob graced us with another preview, showing us how Wayne really gets down in the studio.

You would imagine that a Lil Wayne recording session would involve a smoke-filled room and Weezy bobbing spastically in the booth, spitting an onslaught of lyrics at the mic. The fact that Wayne doesn’t write anything down only adds to the legend but it’s the small things that set Wayne apart from the rest.

Wayne is shown listening to the playback of a freestyle he spit over Jay-Z’s “D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune)” for his No Ceilings mixtape, and he’s not sure if he’s getting his point across.

“Say, because I said, ‘Getting swallowed in a Maybach,’ I meant the Maybach’s so big. I don’t want n—a thinking I’m getting h— in the Maybach.”

After a sip of his juice, a lightbulb seemly goes off in his head and Wayne runs back into the booth. He asks his engineer to play the sound back from a certain point and begins to re-record the lines, “I do it for my team Tim Tebow, n—a/ I’m killin’ this shit, grim reap flow n—a/ Getting swallowed by the Maybach, deep throat n—a.”

According to DJ Scoob Doo, Wayne’s partner on the DVD, the clip was shot in the wee hours of the morning in the rapper’s Miami condo. “You get to see how much fun Lil Wayne has making songs. It’s phenomenal to see somebody at 7 o’clock in the morning or 8 o’clock in the morning after being in the studio for a good 10, 12 hours and still having fun.”

Wanye exited the booth excited to hear the small change, and then turned to the camera to explain the importance of paying attention to detail.

“That’s important, rappers, on the real — two-letter words are important. You gotta change sh–. Think about the things you say, because people are listening,” Wayne said. “It’s simple, but it’s important.

“And this is just a mixtape.”

Props MTV


Tiny & Toya Set Viewing Records For BET + 23 Fans Arrested At Concert

Tiny & Toya Set Viewing Records For BET + 23 Fans Arrested At Concert

When you first heard about BET’s new original reality series, “Tiny & Toya” we bet you didn’t think, “Hey, this show is going to be the #1 show in history!” Well, according to stats recently released by Nielson Media Research, it is!

The season finale of the popular BET series Tuesday night (Aug 25) saw an impressive 1.9 milion total viewers, while the season premiere of “Frankie & Neffe” also saw the same numbers. And with an average of 1.8 million viewers per night, “Tiny & Toya” is currently the #1 original series in the history of BET Networks! The premiere of Frankie & Neffe stands as the #2 series debut in BET history.

With impressive numbers like that, we wouldn’t be surprised if BET renewed both shows for a second season!

Via: GossipOnThis

Also, Lil Wayne‘s New York concert last night reportedly saw 23 fans, including teenagers and adults, arrested on criminal charges including marijuana possession, assault on security, trespassing and unlawful alcohol possession.

The concert, held at Darien Lake Theme Park, still took place despite the multiple arrests.

Twenty-three people were arrested at the Lil’ Wayne concert last night including a 16-year-old from Cheektowaga, charged with trespassing for allegedly jumping a fence to get into the concert venue, nine people busted on marijuana charges, a ten year-old busted on possession of alcohol, a 23 year-old charged with hitting a female fan and injuring a security guard, a 26 year-old arrested for disorderly conduct and swearing in public and other arrests including criminal mischief and destruction of property.