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Lil Wayne Names Producers On His “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album

While taking a break from shooting the “No Worries” music video in Las Vegas, Lil Wayne revealed to MTV which producers will be featured on his forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album.

Weezy F Baby says that production on his album will come from Juicy J, Cool & Dre, David Banner, STREETRUNNER, and Kanye West.

“Yeah Kanye, he got some music on there,” Wayne confirmed. “It’s crazy, actually I don’t want to give too much up but he’s got a big hand in the album, you’ll see.”

The I Am Not A Human Being II project is set to be released on December 11th!


Lil Wayne Reveals New Album Called “Devol” [Video]

In a sneak peek of Lil Wayne‘s interview with MTV’s Hip Hop POV, Weezy reveals he was busy penning songs while locked up in Rikers Island back in 2010. Speaking to DJ Amanda Seales in his Miami crib, Tune says he plans to release a new album called “Devol” (“Loved” spelt backwards), which will consist of love songs he wrote in jail.

The full interview will air tonight at midnight and there is currently no release date for “Devol“.

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