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Lil Wayne Shot A Music Video In Atlanta Yesterday?

Lil Wayne Shot A Music Video In Atlanta Yesterday

Someone from our forums who goes by the name of EastsideBoi89 is from Atlanta and he has heard a lot of people talking about Lil Wayne shooting a music video over there last night.

We also found this on Twitter:

also for anyone near Lil Wayne is shooting a video at Adair park right now in Atlanta in the West End near the Marta Station

This would make sense as he was in Atlanta yesterday performing on the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival and we all know that he also has an apartment in the A!

So, what video do you all think he was shooting ❓ Could it be “Hot Revolver” or is that too ‘old‘ now, could it be “In Your Face” because that is supposedly the next single from his upcoming album Rebirth, could it be “Different Girls” with Nu Jerzey Devil as this song is going to have a music video to it or could it be “Revolver” with Madonna ❓

Let us know what you think in the comments 🙂

Edit (11/08/2009): It looks like it was the “Successful” music video


Lil Wayne And Madonna Collabo Confirmed!

Lil Wayne And Madonna Collabo Confirmed!

Remember the Lil Wayne verse/bridge that leaked a while back which was supposed to be used on an upcoming Madonna track? Well the collaboration has been confirmed and the record’s official name is “Revolver“. This track will also be the second single from her upcoming greatest hits album titled “Celebration” which will drop in September. There will most likely will be a music video to this song too, so like YN said, how are excited are you?