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Lil Wayne Reveals He Used To Dress Up As Michael Jackson With His Grandmother’s Wigs When He Was A Kid [Video]

Lil Wayne Reveals He Used To Dress Up As Michael Jackson With His Grandmothers Wigs As A Kid

In this post, you can check out episode 2 and episode 1 of Lil Wayne in “The Bumbu Room“, which is where he answers fan-submitted questions that are unique.

For episode 2, Weezy explains why he would choose Nike over Adidas, why he doesn’t mess with Bentley, which place in the world has the hottest women and hottest strippers, having Shaq over Tim Duncan, and more. He also told a story of dressing up as Michael Jackson when he was a kid with his grandmother’s wigs.

The debut episode included Tunechi revealing if he has ever ashed a blunt on a booty, what HoodyBaby does with big booties, why he would choose real asses over fake asses, why he would rather run everywhere than yell every time he spoke, how many side bitches are appropriate, and more. He even picked Nicki Minaj over Rihanna and Kobe Bryant over Michael Jordan!

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Lil Wayne Skating At His “TRUKSTOP” Skate Park, New Version Of “I Ain’t Nervous” [Video]

We saw a preview last month, now here is the full video that is over 8 minutes long of Lil Wayne skateboarding, courtesy of Noisey. The clip shows how much better Weezy F Baby has got at the action sport since he started in 2011.

This video was filmed at various skate parks including Tunechi‘s own YMCMB “TRUKSTOP” skate park. There is even a part half way through the clip of Wayne skating while some naked strippers are dancing on the ramps!

A new version of Tune‘s “I Ain’t Nervous” song can also be heard playing in the background, which to me is one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year so far!