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Lil Wayne Talks About His Fellow Inmates, Getting Into A Fight, Hearing His Son Say “Da-Da” For The First Time & Recording Drake’s “Light Up” Behind Bars

Lil Wayne Talks About His Fellow Inmates, Getting Into A Fight, Hearing His Son Say

Later this month, Lil Wayne will release his “Gone ‘Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island” memoir, and today, the first few pages from Wayne‘s book have surfaced online via Vulture.

In the pages, we can read what the first few days were like in prison for Weezy, what exactly he got up to, what he ate, who the inmates he got along with were, getting a suicidal-protection aide job, becoming friends with C.O.’s, getting into a fight on the yard, finding out the news Drake had slept with his girl, rapping for inmates, being visited by Diddy, Kanye West, Chris Paul, and more.

Tunechi also revealed he cried when he first heard his cell door lock behind him, he heard his son Dwayne Michael Carter III say “da-da” for the very first time over the phone while locked up, he never ever wants to go back to jail, and being told Drizzy wants him on his “Light Up” remix and to record his verse over the phone. Hit the jump or click here to read excerpts from the first few pages of Tune‘s “Gone ‘Til November” book!

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So Lil Wayne Does Have A Job In Prison…

So Lil Wayne Does Have A Job In Prison

After the story about Lil Wayne having a job at Riker’s Island to watch over suicidal inmates turned out to be bullshit (says Toya), VIBE got some info from a correctional officer who works at Riker’s, and it turns out that the story was true after all. Check out what the source said below:

Turns out he is working as a Suicide Prevention Aide patrolling the suicidal inmates in his unit. According to a Riker’s corrections insider there are three SPAs for each unit in the Eric M. Taylor Center where Wayne resides.

“He works the midnight shift in his unit,” says the source. “He starts at 11pm and ends at 7am.”

According the source, Wayne took a test for the position that is one of the better jobs offered. “The other inmates clean, work in the pantry, they all have some kind of job but his allows him to be alone.”

As for how Weezy is holding up: “He’s a perfect gentleman,” says the source. “He’s respectful, he keeps to himself. He doesn’t want any trouble. He wants to do his time and get the fuck out.”

I’m really not sure what to think about this… someone like Mack Maine needs to come out and say if this ‘supposed’ job that Wayne has is true or not. What do you all believe ❓