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T-Pain Previews New T-Wayne Music Featuring Lil Wayne

T-Pain Previews New T-Wayne Music Featuring Lil Wayne

Earlier today, T-Pain took to Instagram to preview some new music from him and Lil Wayne that was produced by Tha Bizness. Even though there is no official word just yet, it does look like the song will appear on the upcoming T-Wayne compilation.

Pain mentioned in an interview 2 months ago that the T-Wayne collaboration project with Weezy F Baby has not been scrapped and it is currently in talks to be released, so I wonder if we will finally get to hear this compilation in 2015?

Hit the jump to listen to a sneak peek of the T-Wayne track!

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T-Pain Speaks On T-Wayne Project With Lil Wayne, Says They Recorded 12 Songs [Video]

Earlier this month, T-Pain appeared on Shade 45’s radio show “Sway In The Morning” to chop it up with Sway Calloway. During the interview, Pain spoke on what happened with his and Lil Wayne‘s collaboration album titled T-Wayne.

Pain also mentioned that himself and Weezy F Baby have recorded 12 songs for the project, but a few of the tracks that were produced by Tha Bizness have leaked online.

Check out T-Pain talking about T-Wayne at the 8:35 mark in the clip above!


Tha Bizness Talk About Lil Wayne x Mack Maine Says Brett Favre Prays For Tunechi

Tha Bizness Talk About Lil Wayne x Mack Maine Says Brett Favre Prays For Tunechi

Below, you can read what Henny and Dow from Tha Bizness recently said about Lil Wayne to SOHH. You can also watch a video of Mack Maine telling MTV that Brett Favre has been praying for Weezy while he is inside… and you know that’s Tune‘s favorite football player, so that brightened up his spirits!

With Lil Wayne, he records so many songs you never really know how many he’s done because it actually worked out. We were working with Drake when he was finishing up So Far Gone down in Atlanta and then Wayne happened to be in the other studio and he just came in to check out what was going on and at that time we had already done the “Every Girl” record and we did a couple with T-Pain, right when they were thinking about doing that T-Wayne album and so it was our first time actually meeting him so he gave us a little shout, appreciated what we were doing and talked about the music that we could make together and so he just asked for more joints.

We ended up giving him another CD and on that CD, he recorded to like, 14 of the 18 joints that were on there. So, hopefully some of them go on Tha Carter IV and some of them like the “Getter” joint he did for Michael Phelps, but you never know. He stays working and we stay working. It might be more once he gets out or, you never know, there should be a couple on there.

For Tha Carter IV, we brought in our signature approach, just like when we got in with Drake. A lot of the times, we do that all the time. We’re not necessarily catering to the artists unless it’s a specific thing they’re going for. We’re just trying to give them what we think they would sound dope over and it pretty much works out that way. – Henny

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Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV” Will Change Your Life

In the video above, Dow Jones from the hitmaking duo Tha Bizness, speaks on Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album. Dow says the album will change your life and it’s better than Tha Carter III. He also mentions that No Quitter (Michael Phelps song) was meant for Tha Carter IV and speaks on Tune‘s working process.

Shouts to Rap-Up, and who do y’all think the mystery artist is ❓


T-Wayne – You Know What It Is

T-Wayne - You Know What It Is

Some new T-Wayne here called Waist Of A Wasp” aka “Beehive WaistYou Know What It Is” produced by Tha Bizness! This song was featured on the Space Jam Martian mixtape, and I’m not exactly sure if it will feature on the T-Wayne collaboration album. Shouts to mld, and you can stream/download this track below:

Download: Rapidshare

Do y’all think this song is better than Damn Damn