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Tim Patrick Names Lil Wayne As His “G.O.A.T. Rapper” [Video]

Tim Patrick Names Lil Wayne As His GOAT Rapper Video

In Denver Broncos‘ very first episode of their “GOAT Status” series, they got Tim Patrick to name some of the greatest things of all time.

The NFL athlete named Lil Wayne as his G.O.A.T. rapper, Kobe Bryant as his G.O.A.T. basketball player, Randy Moss as his G.O.A.T. wide receiver, “The Warriors”, “The Godfather” and “Scarface” as his G.O.A.T. movies, “Chappelle’s Show” as his G.O.A.T. comedy, and Jack In The Box as his G.O.A.T. fast food.

You can watch Tim call Wayne the greatest rapper of all time in the video after the jump below!

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Video: Birdman Speaks On Visiting Lil Wayne In Prison

Like father like son. DJ Scoob Doo and Lil Wayne connected for the reality DVD series “The Nino Brown Story.” Now comes word that the Birdman will team with Scoob for a DVD called “The Godfather.”

The #1 Stunna has also contacted Scoob to shoot the video for “Bigger Than Life.”

“Scoob been fuckin’ with my son with that ‘Nino Brown,’ ” the Birdman said in a clip received Wednesday (April 7) by MTV News. “Look out for my shit, ‘The Godfather.’ Hip Hop, we run this bitch. YM/CMB moolah!”

The clip was shot Friday and features Birdman, his brother Slim Williams and more from their camp on a private jet. Baby had just come from seeing Wayne at Rikers Island.

“He been locked down a month,” Birdman said. “Seven more to go. You know he’s built for that. We been around convicts and killers all our life. We from New Orleans. … That’s what the No Ceilings shit is about. Paradise on Earth. That’s how we living. Shit. YM/CMB, we built to last. That’s what makes us. That’s what we built on. That’s just a nap. But when he comes home, best believe, big money poppin’. Big money shit. Moolah!” – MTV

DJ Scoob Doo is currently in the process of putting together his and Lil Wayne‘s “The Nino Brown Story Part 3″, which I think is what most of us are waiting for.