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Lil Wayne’s Movie “Hurricane Season” Will Hit Theaters

Hurricane Season Will Hit Theaters

Back in June we exclusively reported that Hurricane Season, the basketball film starring Bow Wow, Forest Whitaker and Lil Wayne was being shelved by the Weinstein Company because the film studio could not afford to market and distribute it. At that time, The Weinstein’s were facing dire financial hardship and had invested a big part of their theatrical marketing spend in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards. If Tarantino’s film failed, films like Hurricane Season would go from shelved to sold off in a matter of months….luckily for the studio, Inglorious Bastards will turn a profit as it already has grossed over $140 million world-wide and cost $70 million to make.

So what does this mean for Hurricane Season? It means The Weinsteins will have replenished funds to release and market a select few of their upcoming titles and we have the exclusive drop that Hurricane Season is one of them that will be resurrected. In other words you, yes you, will have the opportunity to watch Lil Wayne play a seventeen year old high school student who hates his school’s basketball team and you will get to see Bow Wow play a star player on the team. Now that is definitely worth the wait…and the $12 ticket.

Via: WoooHa and this is great news. Now let’s just hope it comes this year 😀