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Feature Friday #202: UTP – Do What Cha Wanna (Feat Lil Wayne)

UTP Do What Cha Wanna Feat Lil Wayne

I have chosen a song from UTP called “Do What Cha Wanna” featuring a verse from Lil Wayne for this week’s “Feature Friday” edition.

This Pha-produced track appears on Wacko and Skip‘s studio album, Back Like We Left Something, which was released back in 2007 via Rap-A-Lot Records.

“I just let my Glock talk, talk till it get lockjaw; I love my in-laws, but I’m an Outlaw; The father of my region, just call me Southpaw; And all my head doctors make house calls; We snortin’ bricks and I talkin’ ’bout a house y’all”

You can listen to “Do What Cha Wanna” below.

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Feature Friday #70: Scarface – Big Dogg Status (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, T.I. & Wacko)

Scarface Big Dogg Status Remix Feat Lil Wayne, T.I. & Wacko

It’s that time of the week again! This week’s “Feature Friday” installment is the official remix to Scarface‘s “Big Dogg Status” song featuring verses from Lil Wayne and T.I., as well as a hook from UTP’s Wacko.

The N.O. Joe-produced track can be found on the deluxe version of Scarface‘s Made album, which dropped back in 2007.

“I’ve been doing this shit, nigga who are you? Lil’ nigga, I done seen keys bigger than you; Lil’ nigga, you ain’t know shit; Cut off a nigga head, make him suck his own dick”

You can listen to the “Big Dogg Status” remix below!

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