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Lil Wayne Plays A Game Of “Never Have I Ever” With American Eagle [Video]

Lil Wayne Plays A Game Of Never Have I Ever With American Eagle

Lil Wayne takes part in another conversation with American Eagle that was filmed at his private indoor TRUKSTOP skate park in Miami back in November, 2019. For this interview, Wayne plays a game of “Never Have I Ever” with the clothing brand, which is something he has never played before.

During the game, Weezy discloses if he has ever sung in the shower, if he has ever had stitches, if he has ever sneaked into a party, if he has ever said “I love you” to someone and regretted it, if he has ever felt like an R&B singer, if he has ever lost an award that he cared about, if he has ever forgot words to songs while performing live, if he has ever watched a reality or true-crime show on TV, if he has ever been on two dates in 1 day, and if he has ever received the wrong advice.

The Best Rapper Alive also revealed he learned how to slide into DMs while overseas, he came up with the song “How To Love” after serenading someone, his favorite surprise a fan moment was appearing at a bar mitzvah, he would really love to go to Nigeria and Egypt, and told the story of the very first time that he rode a motorcycle. You can check out Tunechi play “Never Have I Ever” below, enjoy!

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Kodak Black Admits He Was Wrong To Diss Lil Wayne, Reveals Wayne’s “Blowing Up Fast” Made Him Write His First Rap [Video]

Kodak Black Admits He Was Wrong To Diss Lil Wayne, Reveals Wayne Blowing Up Fast Song Made Him Write His First Rap

Earlier this year, Kodak Black dissed Lil Wayne on Instagram Live and even mentioned that he wanted to fight Wayne for the “Best Rapper Alive” title.

Now, Kodak has come out to basically say he was wrong for dissing Tunechi while bumping Tune‘s “I Miss My Dawgs” song off Tha Carter album: “Listen, I fuck with Wayne.”

Black explained that he thought Mr. Carter tried to “smurf a nigga” by acting like he didn’t know who he was in an interview with The New York Times, as well as that he was drunk off Patron and Grey Goose vodka when he dissed Weezy.

Also in the video, which you can check out after the jump below, Kodak Black revealed that it was Lil Wayne‘s “Blowing Up Fast” song off his The Suffix mixtape which made him want to write his very first rap!

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