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Lil Wayne Cancels The Entire European Tour

Mon, Jul 6, 2009 by

Lil Wayne Partying

We recently posted that Lil Wayne had delayed his highly anticipated European tour where he was performing in countries such as UK, Holland and France. Well Karen Civil has found out the real reason behind the cancellation:

“He canceled the entire European tour. His heart can’t take any adrenaline rush apparently,” said the source.

It was reported Wayne arrived in Europe with all intentions to perform but was mandated to rest by a doctor due to an unknown illness. The condition is believed deal with migraine problems the multiplatinum rapper suffers from on occasion.

“It’s a migraine condition which requires a specific medication. If this medication is combined with adrenaline, a myocardial infarction can be provoked.”

A myocardial infarction is a condition which is the result of a critical imbalance between the oxygen supply and demand of myocardium. If untreated, a heart attack can potentially occur.

I was a bit pissed off that Wayne couldn’t make it to the UK, but I guess he really is ill, even though he was caught partying in Miami two days ago too 😮 🙁

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  • GSK14

    Is he coming back or not?

  • Brett

    does this mean he aint coming back at all?

  • Last time, Weezy had delayed the tour and now he has cancelled it altogether.

  • joanne chambers

    Wat a load of Shit x he’s only released that because he’s seen the comments left by fans Xx mayb if he stopped smoking all the weed his health wouldn’t b so bad x iv still gone 2 london and will Hav a betta nite wiv out seein him Xx

  • Ooohhh

    LMAO at Wayne doing the USA tour, but can’t do the European tours 😡

    Also is that pic from Weezy parting SMH :S

  • damn thats crazy. hope he gets better

  • Reggie

    Lil Wayne Please go to Russia!!!!



  • He could of said he would come back next year at least =[

  • jmb

    to bad
    understand it though
    we can see him other times
    but he must think bout his heart

  • Samser

    It’s only fair if Lil Wayne cancels the USA tour then
    Who agrees?

  • dc

    Yoiu guys are a bunch of heartless bastards calling yourselves fans. Wayne is having Sleep apnea and heart problems, instead of praying he doesn’t die you talk shit.


  • Brett

    i just want to know if it has been cancelled altogether so i can at least try and get money back

  • Alllilwayne

    It seems like its cancelled al together now,,, weezy needs to stop abusing everything or we could be loosing one great rapper 🙁

  • “You guys are a bunch of heartless bastards calling yourselves fans. Wayne is having Sleep apnea and heart problems, instead of praying he doesn’t die you talk shit.”

    Real Talk, fake fans better sign out





  • ABC

    Get better soon Weezy

  • stlunaticcc

    You people calling yourself lil wayne “fans” talking alot of BS? when people are down thats when you see the other people real side

    Lil Wayne Blesses to you my dude

  • weezyfbabiee17

    you quys r stupid weed doesnt do any bad for you ; its all dhat syrup he has been drinkin for dha lonqest.

  • Lil Waynah

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh maaayynn…do u knoooowww hw long ive been waiting to seee my IDOL…the BEST rapper alivee ?!?!
    Dis is sooo uncool mayn (N)

  • That is so sad. lets pray that weezy dosen’t get a heart attack and die. and what is wrong with wayne?
    get well soon wayne. i am praying for you.:(

  • Weezyitaly

    Weezy!!! Hope he s get better…. Please drop rebirth in italy too!!!

  • reezy

    ha you do know what that medication is…watch tha Katie Couric interview with him 2 find out…but i bet yawl can guess

  • Weezykins

    Well, I guess that’s what happens when you mix weed & syrup, a high adrenaline lifestyle, and later, a doctor’s perscription together. Hope he comes to his senses and starts taking care of himself!

    Feel better soon Weezy!

  • JME3000

    still unsure whether its been totally cancelled, 2day ticketmaster has said it will be reshedueled to later this year??…

  • Pro

    he’s sick. let him get 100% and pray he gets better

  • weezyweetellem

    Could he look any more high in that pic?

  • >>DMC

    I dont know what I would do if he DIED

  • Darren

    get better man and stop smoking!!!!

  • Weezyfff

    He must come to AMSTERDAMMM

  • Belen


  • Get Well soon I will Pray for Weezy because that is real serious


    omg i had no idea he was so bad – im praying for weezy baby – fuck the tour if he sick. i would rather still have his music then 1 night of a show and he dies omgg…ya ya i agree, all the people mad at him are so not fans what if it was u?

  • Diesel

    I think Weezy should listen to Jay-z and stop with that autotune bullshit. He was truly great before he started with that.

  • woddle1000

  • Dezzzy D Swaby

    to much fucking drugs

  • trev

    i hope he’s gonna be okay.. dont wanna lose another amazing artist

  • Young Money!

    Dam!! Come Back To America! Sry Ya. 🙂

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • missweezy

    damnnnnnn i hope nothin bad happens to him. i mean all that drugs and syrupppp. i’d be so sad i somethin did. but he better take better care for himself thooo. this is serious shit and if he aint gonna be a the americas most wanted tour no more imma be seriously pissed.

  • keenofosho

    read that if this sounds fishy to you

  • Hello,
    Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.
    Have a nice day

  • kitshit

    anyway europe loves you weezy take a break then come back and break the records !!!!!!!!


    I am trying to find out any info possible about this tour Lil wayne cancelled and meant to be making new dates,

    Now I am not a Crazed fan, I booked those tickets after 3 months of solid hard work and saving for my boyfriend who’s wish was to see lil wayne as my boyfriend is terminally ill . We drove 6 hours to Paris and booked a hotel , which I could not get refund on! Not only did they tell us about 4 hours before the Show!!! Now I can not get a refund on my tickets unless his concert is actually permanently cancelled ! I do not get a refund on my hotel OR get the money back for my 12 hour round trip in petrol, but I also had to let down my boyfriend on his BIRTHDAY!!! That his idol has cancelled his show.

    Now I would not normally complain, but I think its disgusting that we did not have any notice and all those fans let down outside crying their eyes out. But luckily for them they all came from Paris, unlike us who saved for months on end, The stress of taking someone that is not on their best form anymore all that way was very hard . I’m so disappointed and so upset and now been set back 3 months money for nothing !!! Who gives the compensation for all of this ? How do I find out what the hell happened and what is going to be done about it ? I’m sure he had a heavy night as he says he is a pill poppin animal and couldn’t be bothered to show up, Those poor fans ! But I don’t think He has any idea of the length and hard work people go through to get to his shows. My cousin also has tickets booked for his London Show as I am in France. Luckily she had enough notice!!!!

    My Boyfriend Stefan, is so upset and loves lil wayne, Can anything be done about this ? Is there no rules about cancellation times ????? Where do I find out new dates ? Can my boyfriend get anything to compensate for this drama that has taken us 3 days and a huge loss of money!! ? I am going to find ou as much as possible about this and take it as far possible, I can not leave it after all the hard work I have been through and the drama of travelling and working with not a single refund.


  • 54321

    Yep, he was really ill at D Woods birthday party in Miami…

  • John doe

    i hope he gets better
    becuz if he has a heart attack and the worse happens….


  • PillPoppin’Animal

    Its obviously all the fukin PILLS man lol