Lil Wayne – Whip It Like A Slave [Snippet]

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Lil Wayne Whip It Like A Slave Snippet

Maestro just posted on his twitter a snippet to a Lil Wayne song titled “Whip It Like A Slave“. You may remember a song very similar to this that leaked a while back, but this version is unheard and supposedly Weezy has all new verses. Unfortunately, a snippet is the only version available at the moment, but don’t forget to keep checking back for the full version!

Enjoy 8)

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  • weezyfbabiee17

    dam dhis shit sounds liek straiqht fire! cnt wait

  • wHsick

    wtf. why he release what we’ve already heard. :O but anyway it’s a new beat. can’t wait for full i guess 😛

  • lemme download!

  • matt

    yo this song is allready out aint it… its wit dem franchize boyz?? right???

  • pkpallday57

    yea i already have this full song its sick!!

  • HuNTeR

    Uhhh it’s the same verse but different beat.

  • Seb

    Yeah it’s just like the “old” version 🙂

  • darkman

    the same as the old one 🙂

  • mweeez22

    same verse as the old one but the new beat sounds much better

  • deadcivilian

    Shit! This track is siiick…Hotter than the first one, can’t wait

  • jminor01

    he knows its the same verse but the full version will have more wayne verses on it

  • tight i love it.

  • me

    same ish

  • John Doe

    that boy weezy rockin them yeezys

  • IM23J

    Maestro always does his thang on wayne’s tracks..

  • Scriv7
    video of wanye calling michael jackson a fag!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This was supposed to be Dem Franchise Boyz first single. But the label was kinda afraid of the chorus so they didn’t officially release it.
    I’m not sure, but I think that producer Maestro also changed up the beat a lil bit.

  • Mr. Heard

    hell yea thats fye i like this beat better

  • yungnitto

    @ scriv7 we know old news…

  • Gabushka

    This website is the best=).Visit your site every day.
    Sorry for the English but I live in the Czech Republic=D(regrettably!!!)

  • jugnaut

    Can you make this downloadable please even if it is just a 50 second snippet?

  • lil weezy whats up with you why are dowing ya gurls like that you have a lil gurl that no whats gowing on an is seeing this shit.

  • I_Hate_BAFOONS!!

    THIS is some IGNIT_ASS SHIT!!
    Is EVERYBODY on this site CRAZY or somethin??
    Are y’all THAT fuckin numb AND disconnected from humanity that you can actually applaud a senseless-ass “COON-tune” like this??
    The Atlantic slave-trade was nothin funny at all!! Afrikans suffered for years during slavery and the BEST y’all can do to memorialize them is to thank dumb-azz Weezy for THIS shit??

  • I_Hate_BAFOONS!!

    Our people will continue to get disrespect from the WORLD as nigz continue to request to hear FOOLISH-ass shit like THIS!!

  • ne – Whip It Like A Slave [Snippet] | Lil Wayne HQ? Seriously? I was searching Google for 50 cent you do not know download mp3 and found this… will have to think about it.

  • yo dat is not funny!!!!!!

  • he a dick head

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