Weezy F Bulletproof [Video & Pic Explained]

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Weezy F Bulletproof [Video & Pic Explained]

Do you all remember the video we posted showing Lil Wayne having a scuffle with Mack Maine and the picture we posted of Weezy wearing a bulletproof vest with another girl ❓ Well, if not, here is the video and here is the picture (or you can just look above 😆 ).

The girl in the picture with Wayne was the person who shot the footage of Weezy and Mack wresting! This is what she said:

Apparently Lil Wayne owns an automatic bb gun, and wanted to fire it at Mack Maine, but couldn’t as there was a lot of fans around.

She met Lil Wayne on the tour bus after his performance in Scranton and said he wore the vest for the duration of time she was on the tour bus which was a little over an hour. You can see from the picture that Wayne was wearing a bulletproof vest and even some goggles on his head. She also mentioned that his BB gun looks like a machine gun and the reason why he was wearing the vest was because he was plotting to target Young Money‘s Mack Maine again 😆

Shouts to Ralphie Aversa and I had to post this as I found it quite interesting and quite funny haha 😆

Let me know what you all think of this in the comments 😀

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  • Imaging

    Weezy F Bulletproof, im gon write a rap called that

  • Ray

    lol i waz on twitter and seen that they were talking something about a bb gun fight.

  • ooooook wayne i hope u r having the best time in ur life

  • this news is very inserting, and its very funny to. and lil wayne was have the best time in his life 8)

  • nWa


  • DJChekmate

    Yeah Lil Twist and Tyga were talkin about it on Ustream lol. Then they started firing lmao

  • thats funny….weezy knows how 2 hav fun….LOL….

  • yay

    I am so confused, if Lil Wayne had a gun or whatever was he seriously planning on shooting it at Mack Maine. Like that would mean he would be dead right? I dnt think this is a good thing. maybe I’m just confused.

  • nWa

    dumb shit its a fucking BB gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JDJD


  • weezyfan

    drake re tore his acl for anyone that diudnt know


    lollll =) Weezy F Baby aka 007 lol

  • I’m the girl from the article above and he wasn’t really firing the bb gun, he wanted to but there were too many people around. Please reword your statement above as it’s currently untrue & the last statement you quoted was from the FIRST night.. Combining the 2 statements makes the whole article completely false.

    Also nWa, I’m not a groupie, I’m a true fan. Thanks though. & JDJD, no need to be so hostile. 🙂

  • Weezy’s #1 Fan

    she probably slept with him. -.-”

  • NumbaOneWeezyFan

    Ha .. I would sleep w/him anyday.

  • That wud make a hard song…. I cud see him sayin sum shit like that

    Weezy F. Bulletproof (and a hard beat)

  • Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  • Chamillitary Mayne

    She is a very lucky girl and someone ask her what the bus was like

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  • Very nice site!

  • Kadafi_213

    still enjoying the finer things in life i see lol