Britney Spears – Bad Girl (Feat Lil Wayne)

Sun, Aug 30, 2009 by

Britney Spears Bad Girl Feat Lil Wayne

We finally have the full song for Lil Wayne‘s “Bad” verse and who would of thought it would have been for a Britney Spears record ❓ 😮 The full song is called “Bad Girl” and unfortunately it has some DJ drops on it. I don’t listen to Britney, so I can’t guarantee that this is actually Britney on the song, but if isn’t, it is a demo track for her. You can listen and download this track below:

Download: Rapidshare | zShare

Enjoy and let us know what you think of this song in the comments 8)

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  • yungnitto

    Get the fuck outta here lol this is nice waynes verse is filthy but who woulda thought

  • Ooohhh

    He has officially worked with everyone in the music industry now 😆 Even Madonna

  • Catherine

    Hhhmmm i dunno it dos kinda sound like her

  • This is hot =D

  • cheese-pol

    tis ok…. the beat and weezy make the song

  • izzi32

    I only love waynes verse
    ya digg

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby

    Ooohhh Says:
    August 30th, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    He has officially worked with everyone in the music industry now 😆 Even Madonna
    > With Madonna Too man.. on “Revolver”



  • Remix baby

    How can this be new? It sounds like Carter 2 Wayne

  • Rain89nl

    This does not sound like BS on the song

  • Seb

    Wayne kills this track.
    Don’t like Britney’s part at all.



  • pamiibaby

    lmao i only like wayne’s verse.
    britney sounds.. intresting.

  • mashaa

    omg britney
    haha everbody wants to work with weezy

  • wHsick

    yea its not her. it’s a demo just like Madonnas. but man,the beat is mad ill & so is wayne’s verse. the rest is garbage

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    Madonna ‘Revolver’ > Britney Spears ‘Bad Girl’

    ^ true story

  • Samser

    Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne song will be next 😛

  • epleroyk

    not Britney’s voice at all.

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  • Weezy

    This Song Has To Be Fake Lil Wayne Doesnt Sound Like That No More I Dont Think He Can If He Tried Or The Verse Is Recycled But Idk

  • Weezy F Kobe

    how tha fuck do all ya niggaz knw if its britney or not u popcorn rap faggz. if u listin to britney spears u should automatically be deleted from this site yall tha fags that thought weezys “forever” verse was good

  • Walt

    lol seems like its a blend or somethin but I guess….

  • youngmoneyent

    Pretty sure it’s fake.

  • durahan

    true Samser 😀

  • Lauren Londons Baby

    I love Britney!

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  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    madonna….britney…oh wayne pleaseeeee dont let miley cyrus to be next lol waynes verse is sickkk though i like itt

  • yungtune33

    waynes verse is fire but idk bout the rest of the song imma have to get used to like it the madonna song was way better i thought

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  • janea

    waynes verse is the ONLY reason i listened but i was a bit nervous until i saw it was the snippet we got like 2 weeks ago his part i fire.

  • i hate this idiot

    i know it`s stupid to comment on somthing u hate but i found some wrong comments that i have to corect.BRITNEY BITCH AND MADDWHORE R NOT EVERY ONE IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY .




  • me

    ivr heard a brittany and wayne song before but it might have been a blend i got it a long time ago off limewire

    • @me – I think it was that “Gimme More” remix, but yeah it was a blend 😛

  • eric.o

    This song rocks!

  • piaras

    OK I’M not a lil wayne fan but im a huge britney fan ! This song if its brought out will be fricken huge britney fans are lovin it at the min… im pritty sure thats not her singin..this will defo be a huge hit 🙂 BRITNEY FANS N LIL WAYNE FANS COMBINED HA! I NEVER THOUGHT!

  • Tim

    This is REALLY not britney or Lil waynes Voice !!!!

    u can hear it !!! its not their voices PLS !!!!
    This is Only a demo are u get it?? ONLY A DEMO !!!!!
    that is not britneys Voice !!!!!!
    and this is not Lil Waynes voice its only a demo for britney and him !!!!!!!

  • Atdhe Britney’s Fan

    This is a BOMBE !

  • Fuck that girl

  • Alex

    may I have the lyrics please at thnax all

  • tom

    this is 100% britney huge fan of hers go weezy his verse is hard !

  • piaras

    so will it be down as a ‘BRITNEY ft LIL WAYNE OR LIL WAYNE ft BRITNEY’?


  • NICK

    I know they got weezys from somewhere else, i jst cant remember the real song. But i know ive heard that verse before. Its an old verse

  • i idolized Britney Spears since 1998. she is definitely the best female pop singer.

  • jay

    well i once liked brit but i think lil was awesome

  • frank

    he hasent worked with 50 cent yet

  • Petra

    I love this song, Britneys, parts are amazing and so sexual, im not going to say if its her or not, because parts I would say are her, and other bits where im not so sure

    still an excellent song which would do so well, with all the Britney an lil wayne fans downloading it

  • babygirl

    damn, britney & weezy gotta work more together

    … they make a hott duo. loves it <3

  • Kirsten

    Are you all nuts!? It is for sure Britney and this song is fabulous! It’s about damn time they teamed up!

  • Broc A. Wiley

    I think this song is the bomb. LiL Wayne Kills it and I hope it is Britney Spears!!!
    this track is HOT. I can only imagine what the video will be like… HOT HOT HOT

  • Ryan

    This song is the shit it is britney and that is wayne.I think this track will be that biggest hit when it is really released waynes part is sick and britneys part is raw.Fuck all yall britney haters!

  • Britney Spears is simply the best pop singer. i like her superb stage performance and her sexiness

  • New York Scene

    I was at a show in ny during the cmj’s and saw this chick Monica Rush perform- it was dope and I heard that this is a demo she wrote and recorded for Britney with the Fliptones.
    Listen to her actual music though- sounds nothing like Britney:

  • Britney Spears is no doubt the Queen of Pop. After all the controversies and negative image, she is still a very successful singer.

  • Nicole

    Are all of yall stupid?? britney already posted in her OFFICIAL website that this is a rumor besides this dosen’t even sound like britney! or lil wayne.?? what the heckk. this is soo stupid. britney does not sing that bad! and this dosen’t even sound like lil wayne. yall people…go do something better then listening to this which is not even real. everyone that thinks this is real go clean your ears. please.

  • Britney Spears may not have the most beautiful voice but she is a very good performer and her music suites her personality.

  • adam

    britney is the greatest influence on pop culture within the past three decades but disregarding whether it is her or not, this song is awesome. i am a huge fan of both of them. this is amazing. besides… everyone knows, no matter what weezy did in the past few years, anything with lady b is always a ridiculous track and adored by all her loyal and loving fans. he would be so lucky….

  • im a certified Britney Spears fan ever since i was a little girl. she has really grown up from a teen popstar into a sexy goddess diva. luv ya britney

  • Hmm Britney Spears. Umpteen reasonable individuals have become a big fan and can never get too much info or postings about Britney’s appearances. Be it head trimming, risque videos, marriage failures or just a new pop single there is a great deal carrying on around Britney. Shame about the youngsters involvement but I suppose the money will help them. The media age is her chance for large earnings but will it be her ruination with way too much coverage and pressure. In fact I imagine that this blog entry and my remark are part of the same publicity I talked about.

  • U guys are haters… Britney Spears and Lil wayne make a sick team. Back in 2003 she was in the middle af taping a video with snoop dog when she twisted her ankle. She should get back in shape and make a vid with Wayne!

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