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Pictures: “I Can Transform Ya” Video Shoot [Sneak Peak]

Tue, Oct 20, 2009 by

I Can Transform Ya Video Shoot Sneak Peak

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  • dollface

    my big bra tune be on his fly shit…ym salute

  • Lil Wayne

    look at wayne’s shoes they are fucking hot :D:D:D:D:D

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  • Chazz

    haha yea thats wot i was thinking
    i could need some white kicks – dont got any

  • asser

    when is that exclusive verse coming?

  • Mr Allex

    That’s Gonna Be aa Hot Viideo


  • JMB

    oeh i like

  • KGA:)

    that shit gone be hot! ahh, they sexy too!!

  • SheLIKEDit

    who makes those pants and the glasses breezy is wearing in the last pic . also the jacket swiss is wearing

  • young money

    look the styl from chris , swiss and wayne
    the guittar from wayne robotic guitar

  • this song is hard. and the video is going to be sick. i all ready can tell.

  • Rawtune

    I can transformya lika transforma

  • Rawtune

    I got dat no cieling mixtape dat shit stupid fie

  • Exquisite027

    wow great pics.. wayne looks soooo hott I love his shoes…

    Chris looks great 🙂 wow….

  • Rawtune

    Da exclusive verse already came @ asser it’s called say yes but I say NO

  • Kandy

    lil wayne looks really sexy,,its wayne 4ever batches

  • Alyssa

    i love your new transform ya song it fuckin great i love u !!!!

  • asser

    that was the exclusive verse… extra wack hahaha
    do u really have no ceilings?


    waynes swagga is da best in da world

  • YoungMula

    that shit will probly drop a year from now

  • missweezy

    Waynnneee is soooo sexxy damnn

  • Ooohhh

    So Wayne gon be a rockstar in this video

  • what’s mechanical dummy? i thought breezy’s next album was called graffiti?

  • dw

    Looks like its gonna be a good video

  • mike

    nice jacket weezy 😀

  • SmokeThatKushhhhh

    gunna be sickkk, cant wait

    check out my Lil Wayne Shoot Me Down Remix featuring Eminem:

  • waala

    Danny post up the thinking to myself
    is out already wit gudda nicki kid kid and mack maine [x

  • this video is gonna be number 1 everywhere. this shit look hot already no homo.

  • looks like wayne ost sum tattoos in the pic where he has the guitar

  • richard

    Can anyone tell me the name of the jacket the guy on the left is wearing

    And the name of the jacket what chris brown is wearing?

    Thank you so much.


  • Weezy F Kobe

    rawtoon u dont have shit nigga stop frontin u prolly got that fake one off datpiff nigga if u really have it show a tracklist

  • weezylover

    im qettinq them shoes i been saw them wayne shoes ;D 😀

  • Yep! is a website for Chris Brown and his fans. They talk about exclusive shit coming out from him. Chris look better than Wayne and Swiss put together. If he wasn’t such an abusive, chauvinistic, pig, then I could appreciate how good he actually looks in the above pics. Yep!

  • a y’all this a song did with kid cudi. here so y’all can here it.

  • trizzy

    @ weezylover whats the name of those shoes

  • here is a new song by me called Undead i’m dissing Lil chuckiee telling him he sucks and he needs to stop rapping. by the way i’m not saying his name on the track so here is the track below.

  • babyboo123

    WOAH. all I can say is.. WOAH….thats REALYY hottttt.

  • Infinity

    Chris will definitely win over alot of his old female fans. Regardless of the Rihanna incident. Plus Wayne is in it. And the vid looks dope already. Good move for Breezy. But wtf is Swizz there for? lol. He jus made the beat. It’s like DJ Khaled’s annoyin ass.

  • J-Starr

    yo man Weezys shoes always be fly. but on the real side i get the same Schmacks he got in Prom Queen

  • raveyt

    i’m with you Weezy F. Kobe..if you got the shit show the playlist. I didn’t want Chris Brown bitch ass to come back with shit. His team got the best person money could buy to be on this song to manipulate the fans into listening to this song. Without Wayne this song wouldn’t be shit. By the way thank you Weezy you said why I want to say on that Wasted Freestyle to all these wack ass rappers..they cannot touch you!! Especially mediocre, cocky ass Jay-Z.

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  • bre-bre


  • Justwondering

    What kind of shoes is wayne wearing???

  • mally

    wats dat jacket wayne is wearin ? its nice

  • JMAN !

    what are lil waynes shoes called anyone know ?

  • JMAN !

    what are lil waynes shoes called anyone know ? there are nike something but if some1 could please tell me that would be great ? 🙂

  • look at the size difference

    This is La’ Marke Lamborgini Bugatti Bboyde can transforn any girl vagina,especially Willow Camile Reign Smith or Nicki Minaj

  • Lostangella

    wt is the red thing hanging behind weezy’s jeans?

  • Lostangella

    where can i buy chris brown’s sunglasses on the most bottom picture?