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Lil Wayne Says It’s Amazing What Has Been Done For Haiti & What Hasn’t Been Done For N.O.

Thu, Feb 4, 2010 by

Lil Wayne was vocal about how humbled and honored he was to be taking over folk icon Bob Dylan’s part on Monday night’s remake of “We Are the World.” But at the end of his soft-spoken comments to reporters during the recording session, the New Orleans-bred rapper added one more thought that instantly sent a buzz through the room.

“I think it’s amazing what’s been done for Haiti,” Wayne said, gazing out at the assembled reporters and cameramen in a tent just outside the Jim Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood as he stepped off a stool and lowered the microphone. Then, raising the mic to his iced-out grill once more, he added, “But I also think it’s amazing what hasn’t been done for New Orleans.”

And with that, he walked out without taking any further questions.


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  • weezy f baybee

    🙂 lol gooood point 🙂

  • lol at that guy who said good point lol but i think lil wayne abit mad considering its his home town and offered 2 help the N.O and the rest of the world didnt

  • yungtune33

    haha the crowd is all shock besides the guy who says good point haha

  • Jbedolla

    True very true but haiti has had it bad for awhile it’s like getting kicked while your down, people feel sorry dor you

  • MrsCarter


  • Jbedolla

    True very true but haiti has had it bad for awhile it’s like getting kicked while your down, people feel sorry for you

  • demi

    he so cute haha

  • rita32

    Wayne is right and i agree with him 100% No one helped New Orleans with katrina, there was no money sent in from other countries let alone from our own government!!! Another thing, when 9/11 hit, not 1 FUCKIN country did a god damn thing for us but we can send millions to Haiti, have songs done for them, send people over there to help, host a telethon to raise more money for them and what did we get? NOTHING AT ALL…..think about it!!!!!!!!!!




  • weezyf

    So true. Even though Haiti was already a poor country, New Orleans was about to Become a third world country also.
    So he’s got a point, but the media will put this down as a “WAYNE SLAMS MTV AND HAITI” headline.
    Idiots. Dude is going to prison soon.
    Will be missed alot.

  • lovalle

    @DJBMURDER i agree with you AND wayne. i loved the crowds reaction. but he speaks the truth

  • weezyFcrazyMF

    what a good point plus, were fuckin given haiti 5 star hotels now.. look at their homes before twigs and stones

  • 757

    @ rita 32 & weezyf

    Agree wit yall 100%!!
    I was saying the same shit the other day about its crazy how long this thing for Haiti been going on and how much everybody askin to help them but when N.O wuz hit by Katrina it only lasted for like a few days and it wuz like a lot of people didnt really give a fuck so dont give me wrong, I know Haiti is a poor country and all but our gov’t and others could have did a much better job with the New Orleans situation.

  • blackthoughts

    bill gates and an old, feeble lady are crossing a road who do you help?(and no bill gates won’t give you any money for helping lol)
    it is morally obvious who you would help, and its obvious why the world is helping haiti now more than they helped us, the richest country in the world….the real question is how come we couldn’t even help oursleves back when Katrina hit and why we still have the same severe problems we still have.

  • Agree with wayne

  • Chazz

    real talk

  • Dreneland

    THANK YOU!!!!! i was jus thinkin dat shit. they only helpin haiti so much cuz haiti gon let dem do what they want to do and NO wont let dem own what they worked so hard to bulid.

  • Kandy

    i a agree w/ with wayne and some of ya’ll and wayne is too cute i hate that he’s going to jail in 2/9 not cool

  • Jonah

    The difference is that the WORLD as a whole doesn’t feel bad for N.O. Or the states, te American government should have helped their own people, but haiti can’t help themselves like the USA can. Help the helpless people.

  • Brittany

    That’s what I said when. I heard eveything their doing for Haiti!! N.O is one if us they didn’t do anyhting for them. Ohkay maybe somthing but nothing like they are for Haiti. I’ll keep them is my prays. But I’m pissed to bout this whole thing

  • gjcb

    I think he says “your point”.. not good point

  • Matthew

    @Jonah I Disagree
    People In New Orleans Couldnt Help Them selfs Too
    If They Can Do All This For Haiti Why Do We Have Homeless People On The Streets.

  • brad jolly

    You think new orleans was kicked while it was down? dont you remember the second hurricane, Rita? New Orleans is here on our own home soil and we americans needed help. and noone wanted to help. But now you can text a number to help out Haiti? im not saying its not right to help out others, but i am saying its not right to ignore our own needs. I know people who still have tarps on their roofs.

  • JMB

    shocks everybody
    which is good!
    people should know this

  • 18044LIFE

    “I think it’s amazing what’s been done for Haiti,” Wayne said, gazing out at the assembled reporters and cameramen in a tent just outside the Jim Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood as he stepped off a stool and lowered the microphone. Then, raising the mic to his iced-out grill once more, he added, “But I also think it’s amazing what hasn’t been done for New Orleans.”

    And with that, he walked out without taking any further questions.

    The pointed aside from the rapper was a rare ripple of controversy on an otherwise on-message night, during which the other artists who passed in front of journalists praised the efforts to raise money for the victims of the Haitian earthquake and spoke of the importance of giving back.

    It brought murmured comments such as “Kanye West” from some of the writers, who appeared to be comparing Wayne’s verbal outburst to the “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” tirade unleashed by West during the all-star 2005 benefit for victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

    In light of the tens of millions raised privately by texted and mailed donations, the “Hope for Haiti Now” telethon, and the more than $100 million and on-the-ground support provided by the Obama administration since the January 12 earthquake, Wayne’s comments suggested that the Nola rapper feels that the same outpouring of support has not helped rebuild his hometown, which was devastated by Katrina in 2005.

    As much as he hates to go up against Weezy, Michael Hecht, president and CEO of Greater New Orleans Inc., told MTV News on Thursday (February 4) that Wayne’s comments don’t accurately reflect what’s going on in New Orleans. “The New Orleans region since Katrina has been the recipient of tens of billions of dollars of assistance, not to mention scores of individuals who have committed their time and effort to rebuilding the city and region,” said Hecht, whose group is the leading nonprofit economic development organization in Southeast Louisiana.

    Hecht said that as a direct result of billions of dollars in cash and man hours that have been pumped into the area since 2005, Business Week magazine recently called New Orleans “one of the best places in the country to ride out the recession,” with an unemployment rate that is consistently 3 percent lower than the rest of the country. “Perhaps there’s some frustration on his part because it didn’t arrive quickly enough or took too long to come online,” Hecht said of Wayne’s possible motivation for speaking out on Monday, noting that more than 55 percent of the billions in federal funds allocated for Katrina fixes has gone unspent so far. “But it’s not atypical after a disaster of this size, like something on the scale of 9/11 in New York, where it tends to take three to four years for rebuilding to start because of bureaucracy, insurance claims and literally waiting for the dust to settle,” he said.

    A spokesperson for Wayne did not respond to requests for further comment from the rapper for this story at press time.

    Hecht also said that certainly some of the more affluent areas of the city have been rebuilt faster because their residents have the means, but he said the notoriously impoverished Lower Ninth Ward, which was devastated by the storm surge following the hurricane, has gotten “remarkable and intense” attention. “Atlantic magazine said the architecture of the Lower Ninth was setting the standard for 21st-century architecture,” he said.

    According to the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center, the total recovery investment since the storm is $120.5 billion. “There has been unevenness and things are going too slow, but with all respect to Wayne and his experiences in New Orleans, the city that is emerging today is coming back as a place with massive reinvestment and reinvention,” Hecht said.

    Karl Senner, 24, is a lifelong NOLA resident who lived through Katrina, jumping in an airboat with his dad the day after the hurricane and helping rescue stranded residents for days after. He told MTV News that the rush of help for Haiti might actually have everything to do with the slow response to Katrina. “I think the immediate support for Haiti can be credited a lot to the text-messaging giving, which is an avenue that wasn’t really around five years ago,” he said. “Also, I think responses to things like this has become an issue more so since Katrina. It was a learning experience for all of us.”

    In some ways, he speculated, the lack of massive immediate response to Katrina was a harsh lesson learned and one that has not been forgotten in the years since. “In some ways, a big plus side of Katrina for New Orleans is that it’s given the city a fresh start, a clean slate.”

  • Seb

    I think he has a good point and is right in mentioning it.
    He did a amazing move!!

  • Matheo

    Weezy have right ! He always was controversial that’s nothing new .

  • 100% agree there are people in new orleans srill living in fema trailors but yet we can give all this money to Haiti. I dont understand how we can help out another country when we can’t even help our own country. i am so happy Wayne said that someone needed to say it. All these people all of the sudden all these people wants to adopt kids and give money we have so many kids in foster care and homeless that we need to worry about some parts of new orleans look just like it did when katrina hit!!!!!!!

  • wayne sound STUPID as fuck.

  • what is he mad about? that’s one of the poorest countries in the world of course every continent gon go help them… NO is in the usa so the USA gov. helped ….. WAYNE SOUND STUPID COMPARING THEESE 2 PLACES


  • yngmoneygator


  • matt
    please add to friend a i need someone to chat i’m booooring;)

  • he has a huge point, i think he should do the song, and give a shoutout to N.O.

  • misskevabaybee

    he made the song “tie my hands” which was entirely for N.O.
    and i totally do agree with him
    gonna miss wayne and his clever comments <3 lol.(:

  • Louis

    I agree with wayne on this although I do believe we should help out Haiti also. But forget other countries because they hate us but we didn’t show half the effort to rebuild and restore New Orleans as we’ve shown in Haiti. On the other hand I see what some people may say is that New Orleans is a American state it’s like a 20 yr. old and Haiti is like a senior citizen who will be more hurt if they fall down the senior citizen obviously so they need a little more attention. But w/ Katrina we didn’t even lend New Orleans a hand we basically shunned them and acted as if it didn’t happen. Basically I’m saying it’s okay to help others but make sure you help yourself first. Like I found the cure to cancer and I have cancer I’m going to cure myself before I cure someone else.

  • don rico

    Everybody was thinking it he just kept it 100

  • lil Weezy 34

    good point

  • lvwyne

    Can somebody tell me what Lil Wayne has done for New Orleans as far as helping the city?

    I would like to know so my respect for him can go up even more. Thanks.

    He’s hardworking and delivers so much to his fans.

    Gonna miss you, Wayne. xoxoxoxo

  • dwe
  • i think people did alot more for haiti i mean they really remade we are world how come they did do that for new orleans or come out with a album to help n.o im saying not to help haiti but itz like helpin haiti is like helping n.o mind u n.o is not fully recored yet but god bless every one in every where in the world n donate to haiti n dont forget to stop trying to help new orleans

  • lvwayne

    Lil Wayne should have a N.O. benefit concert. Guess it’ll have to wait now unless other Young Money peeps do it.

  • YME


  • DAMN! gd point!!!!!!!!!

  • Ghost911

    He makes a good point. However folks have to want to help themsleves first and be grateful when they get it. What soured many folks in my city was the behavior of hte Katrina folks. They acted like they were to be given everything and be treated like they ruled the world. Now who is going to keep helping them with attitudes like that?

    If he is talking about the poor areas-why were they poor the first place? What was he or anyone else doing PRIOR to Katrina to help them? There was a reason those folks got left behind and aren’t being helped now. Who would want to help rebuild that area only to see it ruined in less than a week by the very folks seeking help?

    You can’t help folks if all you do is rap about killing folks, making babies all over the place, fake beefs, claiming to be gang members, buying junk to showoff on youtube and whatever else (direct at the ones that do that). And not encouraging education or even creating jobs in those communities (nothing wrong with a Mcdonalds, Subway or whatever owned by a rapper).

  • Andrew Saldana

    ok first of all ghost911 your a fucking idiot lil wayne was down in new orleans helping out there he was putting in work for his home town and he was down there personaly and hepling everyone but his point was that look at haiti there is this big concert just for them and new orleans just got water and they also got some house rebuild why would we do something for a country that isnt part of america and not do something for our OWN people in OUR country and he is for education he had straight a’s in school and hes daughter also has straight a’s he is a father and tells his kids what to do he makes his daughter do her homework and stay in school and she does and other parents should do the same i know my mother does the same and she also loves lil wayne as much as me and she makes me do my work with my baseball over at BURBANK HIGH SCHOOL if your parents dont do that then i feel sorry for your parents for not knowing how to take care of you

  • zay012

    Different President…that’s all I have to say

  • Kyle

    Brad Pitt has helped NOLA but all Lil Wayne does is bitch at white people for not doing anything. See what people can do that have millions of dollars @ HEY LIL WAYNE, why don’t you do something like this and stop bitching!!!