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We Are The World 25 For Haiti [Official Video]

Sat, Feb 13, 2010 by

You can watch the official video for “We Are The World 25 For Haiti” above which includes artists such as Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Celine Dion, Usher, Fergie, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Jamie Foxx, Miley Cyrus, Wyclef Jean, Enrique Iglesius, Will.I.Am, Pink, Nicole Scherzinger, Justin Bieber, Akon, T-Pain, LL Cool J, and more.

Please show your support by downloading the song from iTunes and all the proceeds go toward Haiti relief efforts.

Visit the official website for more information here.

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  • Great, weezy was autotuned the shit out of

  • Julie

    I really liked the new version 🙂 but i have to say.. the original is better!

  • sai

    second nice job

  • Ooohhh


  • LilWaynesGirl

    awww my baby !
    ilove you wayne x

  • VVh1pCr3am

    LMAO @ Wayne’s part. They ruined it with the auto-tune.

  • Kayla

    aw i love this song
    and weezy sounds amazing!

  • yo danny homey i uploaded the song especially for this site hollaaa

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby

    Mayyyne that auto tune fucked up ! And Fergie… 🙁

  • domo


  • Diesel

    I think it’s amazing that Wayne isn’t in the rap part. It’s like he’s above the other hip hop artists.

  • bucko

    yea i agree w diesel he was put into a “special” section lol his part was cool wish it coulda been a couple words longer lol

  • rg

    wayne did fukkin awesome

  • demi

    i loved it and who gives a fuck of auto tune you can barely tell on wayne but t pain did use it hella

  • natalskaa

    i love it! i’m downloading & helping haiti on itunes!

  • Drizzy Drake

    I was expecting a longer part from Wayne. But I liked it. Yeezy killed it as usual.

  • Celedi

    I’m sad, Waynes verse was like 2 seconds……..

  • MrsCarter


  • D-Weezy10

    Great Video. What can’t Wayne Murder? lol.

  • MrsCarter


  • zach

    i love it! Wayne is amazing @ anything he duz!

  • Chazz

    too short but nice weezy part (dun like the song anyways)

  • frankiebones

    how does Miley Cyrus and , Justin Bieber get on this track that what i wanna know and wyne part was short and sweet

  • luiseezy f crazy

    lol @da whole remake lmao wen i saw wayne in da crow it took me while 2 find him lol he too short

  • hanaaa

    thiss was soo good, i love it <3

  • conor

    Wayne my motherfucker did his part as always young mulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baby!
    Free Weezy motherfucker ym/cmb

  • Scotty G

    wayne wasnt in the crowd…at all theres people that might look sorta like its wayne but remember the distinct face tattoos hes got…

  • Jason704


  • AutoTuneForever

    Auto tune is where it’s at and it’s never going away. F all you auto tune haters. Death to auto tune my ass.

  • Lil Skotty


  • Corpus Christi

    Love the original. Wished the folks still that were alive would have been in the background.

  • OD

    WAYNE DID GREAT, I FEEL GOOD HOW WAYNE WAS THERE. The Autotune was good, they used it, the right way..”tpain sounded weird…”The Guitar Comes out when he starts singinq.. lol. Yuh CAn Feel the Energy from him. WE ARE THE WORLD!

  • OD

    There’s a choice we’re making
    We’re saving our own lives
    It’s true we’ll make a better day
    Just you and ME!

  • OD

    Fuckinq DOPE

  • martian101

    dude wayne killed it like all the other songs he does….WEZZY!!!!!

  • luiseezy f crazy

    @scotty G he wuz in da crowd stupid shit


  • LuiRodriguez

    I thought Lil Wayne’s part was awesome. I just wish it was a little longer.

  • awww i like the way wayne sounded tho<3

  • dymek_pl

    Weezy the Best!!

  • jemmaaa

    weezy sounded good as !

  • MO

    fergie was so bad but lil wayne very sweet but why, why da hell justin bieber

  • Lil Zly

    only 11 sec for weezy…
    anyway, this is a song which showing love and compassion for Haiti.

  • rrichii

    hahahahha Welcome back to the wold of AUTOTUNE! Weezy!:P

    (WTF did justin bieber do in the video)

  • miss penelope

    i liked it weezy sounds gud he did well for not bein a singer. well done weezy legendary. free weezy !!!

  • sdfll

    i kept repeating lil wayne’s part he was awesome i luv him sooooo much!

  • actually i loved lil waynes part and the auto tune was great

  • tessssx

    it’s amazing what they do for haiti, and wayne was great

  • Felicia

    wayne was amazing! i loved his voice or auto tune!!!

  • weezy.f.b.

    why was wayne’s part was so short 🙁
    i hoped after his part he has one more where he raps but it was cool though

  • Waynes bit was well short n dey could of been better…….still gd tho

  • Wayne’s part is amazing !!!! to short but he killed that shit

  • Matheo

    This song always will be great now metter how much time passed because he had very strong message . We need to support Haiti download this song if You can please .

  • Simon

    Any1 knows when drake is up?

  • obtor

    honestly when i heard wayne is on this record and hes doing bob’s part i thought he will mess it up… but man that was amazing.. respect weezy

  • mike

    i dont like the rap part !!

  • bre

    i lik da song good look right dere

  • nelweezymser

    No one should download this from uploaded links.

    Haiti needs us, please download from iTunes as I have just done.

    Brilliant song, well done for all the artists involved.

  • Mandem

    Weezy the beast! lol

  • Deviant+

    All the money to this song is going to Haiti. wth would you put the link up to Dl for free? Show some damn respect & support.

  • weezy fan

    tru dat

  • mz.liltwist216


  • LA&Chuck

    WTF was LL doing ?!
    that lil rap shit was ass .

  • pfff

    wow.. you know some people cant afford to spend a dime… and just because of that you dont want them to have the song?? god..

  • alex

    yo why the fuck is everyone hatin on him for usin autotune it sounded amazin, same wit t-pain. this whole thing was great.

  • weezyfer

    send me a link please where i can download it!!1but not m4a…but mp3!!!!!

  • boxo`

    stop being a cheap ass and go buy it off itunes! its for a good cause…ur such an ass for wanting to download it for free

  • weezyfer

    uhm….1 i aint got money!!..2 don’t have an acount 3 dont know how it works 4 im from suriname here we dont buuy things from the internet!! and 4 i dont have itunes!!!soooo….dont put the blame on me…just asking mennn

  • alex

    autotune settings???

  • Stryder

    Great song but waynes part was too short n they could have let him sing normally his voice aint that bad! And oh he should have killed da rappin part at the end wtf

  • luiseezy f crazy

    @boxo'(wat kind of name is dat) bt anyway like if u were going to buy!!!

  • YoungMoney

    I love the track waynes ; t-pain and jamie fooxs part are amazing

  • Lil Wes

    wayne was in the crowd next to keri hilson but he is too small 😛 i think you can see him at 4.40 or something in the crowd

  • Brennan Doherty

    gon buy this from itunes b/c i mean tney need our help go out and buy b/c that money goes to haiti.

  • beckie copeland

    i love you wayne think you bit is amazing
    wezzy for ever
    love you

  • Kuba17

    i dont understand what all this autotune talk is all about..he autotunes on almost every single song off rebirth and we are young money, most of the time its heavier than on this song too. so why is everyone so surprised.. :p

  • yeedee

    Waynes part is awesome. oh yeah i just wanna say that autotune sucks and its fucking queer so stop using it

  • obtor

    regardless auto-tune or not.. his part was amazing… and im not dickriding.. i fucking hate auto-tune…

  • missweezy

    The song is amazing!
    Weezy is the best !!! i love you so muchhhhh babyyyyy

  • Ronsonagga

    be real guys
    im a wayne fan too
    they gave that nigga 4 seconds, it wasnt good because if u can fuck up 4 seconds then u must suck big time,
    so it couldnt be wack

  • jc.weezy

    I’m glad they didn’t over do the auto-tune for weezy.but kanye had the best part.dope remake though.

  • youngmoneyent

    dude he barely uses the auto tune and he just did his short little part.
    it was sick.
    and i cant find him in the crowd..

  • follow me on twitter @CashInJus

  • Kuba17

    real men use autotune

  • yeedee

    AutoTuneForever = gaylord

  • yung stunna

    has anybody a download link of “lil wayne feat. birdman – Get That Money ”
    from the like father like son album

  • .

    Oh My God, Lil Wayne is AMAZING! was cute the way he sang, and not gay.

  • natalskaa

    wow. that’s alot of comments hahaha. 88 now =)

  • natalskaa

    ohh & i wanna say as well i loved his part : ) it was really short but good. too bad they had to auto-tune tpain smh lol. but damn i loved it.

  • natalskaa

    hahahah his interview snippet. on haiti.

  • GG

    weezy just kill his part damn!!! lil wayne is a legend

  • MO’ Money

    it ain auto-tune dey use on weezy’s part… i can do dat wit my program… its just some eaz shit ya can do wit it… but no not auto-tune


  • weezyFcrazy

    i love weezys part

  • jordan135

    DAAMNN , Wayne’s part is fucking good .. hehe

    I can’t stop listening to his part .. =D

  • linx92

    great song !! great weezy !! hope for haiti ! free weezy france love ya !!!

  • Anders

    I think Weezy maybe could have done it without autotune. I think his dark voice would have sound great. But I don’t know… But still it was good though ;D

  • younqqmula

    I guess you could say short and sweet 😉 I love wayne’s partt <3 but I wish there wasn't autotune 😮

  • ms.tennical

    OMG Guyz ! U Really Look So Surprised About Wayne’s Auto-Tune Voice Like If It’s The First Time U Hear Him Like Dat ! He Used It For Som Many Songs C’Mon !
    Anyway .. Wayne’s Part is FUCKING great ,, And Can’t See Him In The Crowd ..
    Could Anybody Find And Tells What Minute We Can See That ??

  • Lil’ Lex

    5:41 You can see Wayne in the crowd

  • Lil’ Lex

    6:21 too xD on the left

  • ^Lil’ Wayne wasn’t in the crowd, what are you two talking about?

    Anyway, the auto-tune is hilarious. The whole song sounds great and the part didn’t necessarily stand out, but it just makes it seem like Lil’ Wayne is a typical auto-tune artist and that’s sad.

  • Lil’ Lex

    Heum Wayne was in the crowd, open yur fuckin eyes at 5:41 and look behind Nick Jonas

  • Jim

    MANY of the performers on the track were Auto-Tuned. If you can’t hear it, you need to have his your ears checked.

  • lillllllllllwayneeee
  • this song is amazing weezys part is fire and the part with snoop dogg jamie fox wyclef jean this sounds amazing too!! who agrees??

  • Thomas

    I bought the song!

  • Klocka Chinko Germany

    Why You Don’t Post Some News?

  • WAYNE13

    wen is waynes part? like wats the time on the video where he comes in and says his part? thx

  • Klocka Chinko Germany


  • Weezy F baby

    why is every body saying weezy used auto tune ?!?! so what he used it everyone does it !!
    and tpain was real fucked up he used to much of auto tune

  • young nino

    weezy did great!!so did every one else

  • Shannie “NawtNice” Carter

    i love it! especially wayne’s part <3<3 :$:$

  • sillylung

    i know this is going to get alot of hate but fuck haiti. im from NOLA and i watched my my whole family drown and what did anyone do to help the people of the gulf coast not a damn thing so fuck haiti

  • young nino

    wow dude the dude up top of me should swollow a bunce of sharp razorss

  • Yapimp

    Im crying 🙂

    weezy best rapper alive

  • teleleul

    who’s at 3:24-3:25..?

  • alfady

    @ teleleul

    that dude from maroon 5

  • younqqmula

    omgosh Wayne you made the freakin video !!!! best rappperr everrr to be alive. mwahhh <3

  • calvin(africa south)

    hey guys! even down here Weezyy is the father of all… haters are all over boy, keep rocking son, the whole world is yours. but i was kind of worried, WHERE WAS THE BOSS OF MIAMI? Rosssss….

  • Mr.Thanh`Vietnamese

    We Are The World I Love The World that is singing verry good ! :T

  • some one

    i lllloooooooovvvvvveeeeeeee the song its amazing

  • shaan

    the song is awesome,,, and inspiring