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How Lil Wayne Spent His First Day In Prison x What Can Weezy Do In Prison (His Daily Routine)

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How Lil Wayne Spent His First Day In Prison & His Daily Routine

A Riker’s Island employee shared some information on what Lil Wayne‘s first day was like in prison on Monday. According to this employee, it looks like Weezy has been receiving special treatment from the C.O.’s, and they have been disciplined for it. You can read it all below:

So far the prisoners love him. He’s a celebrated star and they dig his image, his work ethic, his music. There’s a lotta hype surrounding the fact the he’s not in protective custody (PC), but in general population. But it’s not really a big thing. In prison, they treat all inmates like the next. He does have limited protection, meaning there is someone that stays with him at all times. But because of who he is, this is also the norm. There hasn’t been much activity with Wayne, especially since he’s busy undergoing the processing an inmate goes through immediately upon his incarceration. Paperwork, tests, all that. Tomorrow, they’ll be conducting DNA testing, specifically because his case centers around DNA evidence. The only thing out of the norm is the amount of calls the prison has been receiving from Wayne’s people, hounding them with questions about whether he’ll be forced to cut his hair, and a few weeks ago, what would the situation be with him having all them carats in his mouth (I think that’s why they opted to have that emergency dental procedure). Still, like I said before, in Rikers, they’re not concerned with one’s celebrity status.

A couple of guards have been written up, only because they’ve acted like fans, having more personal interaction with Wayne than is procedure, prolly acting all star struck, which, once again, the system does it’s best to discourage. Me getting this info and writing about it here puts my contact at risk of losing her job. Still, we do this for our culture. For the most part though, Wayne has been pretty quiet, staying mostly inside his jail cell. There doesn’t seem to be anyone, any faction trying to get at him in any harmful way, because he’s new and because he hasn’t violated any of the codes customary to inmate living the prison life. As I was told, it’s too early to determine how the rest of his experience will be, but so far, so good. It’s all in Lil Wayne’s hands.

Props iHipHop, and hit the jump to see what Weezy‘s daily routine is inside the prison and what he can do each day:

• The Day Room
In this common area, which he shares with 19 other inmates, Lil Wayne can watch television, play cards, read the paper or just socialize. Since the day room is within the housing area, he does not have an escort here.

• The Meals
Breakfast is served at 4:30 a.m. Since a number of inmates will be going to court on any given day, the morning starts early for Riker’s residents. Lunch is served at 11, dinner at 4:30 p.m.

• The Clothes
Lil Wayne will wear the standard institutional clothing: Green work shirt and pants, slip-on style sneakers.

• The Cell
His six-by-ten space features a steel cot connected to the wall, a mattress, a sheet, a blanket and a pillow. There’s a sink and toilet in the cell as well, plus his personal property which includes the standard cup, razor, toothbrush and soap assigned to each inmate.

• Outside the Housing Area
With his escort, Lil Wayne can leave the housing area for attorney visits, regular visits (he’ll get two per week with up to three visitors), religious services or jail-offered programs such as one that helps inmates transition back into society. While some inmates have work assignments in and around the jail, he will not because, “then you’d have to send somebody off to escort him every day,” says the official.

• Recreation
One hour per day. The rapper’s facility features outdoor basketball courts.

• The Commissary
He can buy snacks and toiletries from his Commissary account, which friends and family can contribute to online. Reports that he’ll have an ipod are untrue, though he can purchase a battery-operated AM/FM radio and earphones to listen to music.

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