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Lil Wayne Makes Forbes Celebrity 100 List

Tue, Jun 29, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Makes Forbes Celebrity 100 List

Lil Wayne is being recognized again, this time it is in a very big way. Forbes recently released their annual The Celebrity 100 list and it features Weezy for the first time ever. Wayne comes in at #74 and is the only rapper to make the list other than Jay-Z (Ranked #15) and Diddy (Ranked #68). You can read what Forbes said about Lil Wayne below and tell us what you think of this major accomplishment in the comments.

Not even jail could stop Lil Wayne from making his first appearance on the Forbes Celebrity 100. Sentenced in March to a year in the pen for weapons possessions, the rapper managed to earn his hefty total from his new album Rebirth, proceeds from guest appearances and a healthy dose of touring where he grossed over $500,000 per show. Wayne is already making plans for a new album, Tha Carter IV, upon his release.

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  • CRusso

    First .. can’t stop him!! cant wait for C4 #YMCMB

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  • mooky

    first bitches…
    but big upS to my ninja weezy

  • Nina12

    YES! The hubby still in there! Goin hard nonstop in this bitch!

  • NatalieCarter

    Congrats Wayne! 🙂

  • ItsWeezyBabyHoe

    FREE WEEZY! I can’t wait until all the articles about Wayne don’t have the words prison, jail or behind bars in them. But anyways, so proud of him! 🙂

  • FEP

    Unstoppable weezy!
    Free weezy!!

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    They can’t stop me…Even if they stopped me!

  • extra ordinary

    congrats tunechi

  • A-Bjerg

    Nice! GO WEEZY!

  • 12345abc

    Making plans for C$ upon release ayy sounds promising 😀

  • Quint

    DOesnt suprise me, weezy f tha best

  • Jason

    LOL at 50 Cent not being on the list

  • michelle

    Congrats weezy! This man got blind money! Money forbes will never see! #74 shit he should have been #1!!! Free tunechi baby!! Xoxo

  • lee

    wouldnt be surprised if this list is corrupted

  • Nicki Minaj

    didn’t birdman say that weezy makes more than jay-z in some statement? also why aint birdman on the list cause he makes more than weezy?

  • “…a healthy dose of touring where he grossed over $500,000 per show”

    “And, and for my shows do ya know what I’m gettin?
    Like a mansion everynight it’s fair to say I make a livin'”

  • D

    YEAH! Weezy gettin that money. Keep rakin that paper man.


  • Wassup weezy i hope you make a lot money when carter iv comes out. cant wait for you to come out.

    are you going to perform at the 2011 bet awards

  • yes u are right guys. u can’t stop weezy. and can’t wait for tha carter 4. and congrts wanye 🙂 Free weezy 🙂

  • doughboy

    free tune cant stop him

  • cool boy

    so dat means tune makes a show more then drake makes n album drake sucks haha canadian f¥ck

  • Weezy

    Number 74! He deserves number 1!
    I mean even Jonas brothers got higher and Weezy works way more than him.
    Weezy deserves higher that 74!!

  • samibabixo

    free weezy baby!!!! congrats!!

  • Nikko

    Nigga still doin his thang 4rm jail thts wassup, congrats Weezy YOUNG MONEY!!!!!!! FREE WEEZY/TUNE!!!!!

  • Hector

    …fuck the list…
    weezy #1 easy!

  • liqhtbriqht

    yay !!! i love lil wayne ( THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE ) and always will be !!!!!!!

  • He had to make it to Forbes one day. Hope he hits me up for a beat for Tha Carter IV.

  • Lindseu

    Heyyyy i like all your music and i last to it sometime but i last to it every day but i like it because u are the best rip i like she on fire by u i like that song.

  • yusuf

    please release weezy. all is going to be good all your fans in Nigeria are praying for releasing you that not a perfect place for him

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