Lil Wayne – Cascades [No DJ]

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Lil Wayne Cascades No DJ

Here is a new Weezy track entitled “Cascades“. It is only one verse and it is still unknown what this verse is for. The verse is tagged, but the no DJ version is dropping soon. We now have the song tagless! You can stream/download the track below and leave your thoughts on the verse in the comments section.

Download: Lil Wayne – Cascades [No DJ]

“I make her say my name… in CAPITAL LETTERS”

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  • – FFFRRREEE WWWEEEZZZZYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • free_weezy

    Dat Shit Wasnt Fire STFU……..

    sounded old azz hell like it was made in 07

    hope it aint on Im Not A Human Being EP

  • wayne4ever

    free weezy 3rd

  • the song is cool. and what album is this from? and can’t wait for the no dj verison to drop. and free weezy 🙂

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  • Khaled Wezzy

    I Think It’s From “I’m Not A Human Being”

    • This ain’t from the EP.

  • #TeamMinajeTWA

    Free Weezy Minaj stay sexy

  • Dominik

    umm she say whats happenin i say wassup wassup
    she asks wassup with me i say wassup with us
    i say whats really good i say whats really good
    i put my love down she say its really good
    she say its feelin good i say im feeling better
    i make her say my name in capital letters
    im a nasty guy dont ask me why
    just ask me how and i show you proud
    her head is gone shes in the clouds
    and when she rains man she pours down
    and i be the fella without an umbrella
    ma youre finer than a wineseller

  • Indiglo09

    I’d say it could be the justin bieber collab

  • Chazz

    i like this
    i hope there will be a full track of this comin


  • AM

    yea he ate on that hoe

  • eh

    nothing special…

  • look what i found lilwaynehq…

  • lolol

    lolol look at his fingers xD

  • Stealer

    thanks for stealing my rip u lame, smfh

  • mackking

    DAM this song go so dam hard, i hope there is a full verison of it

  • rh

    damn this is reallll old. I can tell from his voice..

  • Ky

    where can you download this?

  • Kier

    He the greatest EVER!!!

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  • Dwayne wayne

    4get the song look at the girl in purple shes bad. i know wayne hit that

  • rh

    “4get the song look at the girl in purple shes bad. i know wayne hit that”


  • wayne hiz hot. YOU ARE THE ICON OF HIPHOP, WAYNE. all your hits/tracks are the reason why hiphop exist man. HIT DEM UP WEEZY!

  • TWON102

    My Nigga Wayne Go Hard On Everything……That Song Went Hard

  • Girl In Purple

    That girl in purple is fine ass fuck. You know wayne hit it and I would pay big money to see it.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    lol at the girl in purple

  • Weezah

    Sickkk song but please artille or whoever does this stop posting those mothafuckin ugly pics of wayne wtf is up with that i mean the picture on the post before was kinda weird and now this one whats wrong with u guys damn.

  • Clozerxx

    the Beat is HOOT and wayne fucked that shit up
    cnt WaiT for CdQ to drop

    Free Ma biggest shit tunchi

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  • sicilianbitch


  • tonia N texas

    wayne did his dam thang…AS USUAL!!! mad luv frm BIG TEX…muah

  • WeezyFBaby

    are you guys fucking blind? or do you not know what a girl is? that “thing” in purple looks more like a guy to me…..

  • all the women in the pic are fucking ugly. there is no Debating that!

  • youngcarter17

    Carter4 Will Drop On Nov. 4th When WAYNE gets Released From Prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AJ

    its goin 2 be on I not a human being

  • uqh wtf wiff dat qirl in dhe purple to me she aint very qood lookinq?
    && but w.e man dat new sonq is qunna be dhe shyt.
    weezy is dhe best.
    & free weezy♥

  • wayneJR


  • hater

    god damn girl in the purple get out of the picture you’re hideous

  • tyler

    lmao i was scrolling up to see the girl in purple expecting to see someone fine

  • This is an awesome song, cant wait till it comes out.

    Free Weezy!

  • amanda

    where is the full version to this song??? i love it!

  • Weezy…

    Verse was just a feature on a song by rob.. Idk the title right now