Mystikal – Papercuts (Feat Lil Wayne & Fiend)

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Mystikal Papercuts Feat Lil Wayne & Fiend

Here is a new song from Mystikal featuring Lil Wayne and Fiend called “Papercuts”, which will probably appear on Mystikal‘s upcoming album. Weezy killed his verse, and you can stream/download the record below:

Download: Mystikal – Papercuts (Feat Lil Wayne & Fiend)

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  • Weezy W.

    don’t like the beat so much but weezy kills it

  • Jozi

    Yeah the beat is bananaaaas!!! FREE WEEZY

  • hej


  • Ooohhh

    Wow them other rappers are wack as fuck, I had to turn the song off after Wayne was finished

  • PWeezy

    Free Weezy! weezy is so great

  • grand buzz

    “live in miami, i aint never see a dolphin”

  • Matheo

    One of the whackest songs i ever heard these two rappers can’t even be compared with Wayne he destroy them in first few words !

  • philip

    that shit is off the chain

  • spyda1

    I stop listen after 1:27 seriously
    FREE WEEZY baby 100

  • *5Tunetunne

    Weezy Killed This Weird Ass Beat.

  • yeedee


  • Asai Adame

    Haha siiiiick! Wayne murderedd that shitttt….. FREE WEEZY!

  • Ivo

    I AM A VERI BIG WEEZY FAN AND VOTE FOR ME HIRE —->!/photo.php?pid=587270&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=156667911030238&id=100000063310493 PLS CLICK ON – I LIKE πŸ™‚

  • ampjackson94

    um i jus heard a Carter IV snippet everybody danny y u aint post it yet

  • njd


    where at

  • Wayneandlink


  • Sawayne

    Lil Wayne-The best rapper alive

  • LiLDiDi

    Yes … just 22 days left … πŸ™‚
    weezy .. we miss you sweety

    FREE WEEZY :-*

  • lil-rockstar
  • youngmoulaa9

    its not a carter 4 snippet its old called “aint got time” if you a wayne fan you would know that..and theres a new letter from wayne by the way

  • youngmoulaa9

    its not a c4 snippet its called aint got time ..from way back

  • lil-rockstar

    yeahhh new weezy singel come friday

    lil wayne feat. birdman – pop dat

    dj scoob doo present free weezy takeover

  • weeeezy

    @ampjackson94 … that ‘snippet’ that you heard is no snippet.. @youngmoulaa9 is right, its very old!

  • lil-rockstar

    new weezy singel friday pop dat

  • KingMamba

    I swear i saw on youtube someone saying Mystikal was better then Wayne a while back.. Today i hope they here this song and rethink there logic.

  • KingMamba


  • youngmoulaa9

    there is a new jail letter to in case yall dont know

  • lil-rockstar

    lil wayne pop dat friday

    • @lil-rockstar – How you know that’s when we are getting the video ❓

  • wayniac number 1

    PLEASE – all vote for lil wayne so he will win the award for β€œbest hip hop” at the european music awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ampjackson94 everybody lil wayne Carter IV snippet

  • lil-rockstar

    @Dann M go WSHH
    its a countdown too 2 days …
    its at the beginning

  • drakeezy

    Love the Tunechi at the end! FREE WEEZY!!

  • stressedoutthug

    some of yall not keepin it 100. yes wayne is hot to def right now, but he wasnt always like that. mystikal was hot back in the day on his own and wen he was wit master p. that jail time just fucked him up. doin time u get no shine. they got two different styles, but dont nobody flow like mystikal. he dont do numbers like wayne, but he aint no bum ass rapper nither. im just sayin(kanye shrug)

  • YMulaaa

    Weezy has been on his 2 pac shit 4 way too long, the songs never stop coming….and yet the lion is caged, but will be let loose soon… artists are shittin on themselves, he took over hiphop and now he’s going to take over music period.!!!!!

  • moe

    beat sucks balls

  • primetime2423


  • tclow1

    hey dan, where’s Down Here by Petey Pablo ft. Weezy???